Thursday, December 31, 2020

Do the work.

 Savage intentions.

Misquoted misnomers.


Jaded views.

Ill advised half truths.

Deception shrouded in illusion and cloaked in hypocrisy.

Knock knock.

Whoes  there?


Research who?

Any one.

Any place.

Any subject.

Any thing that you want to.

It's not illegal yet.


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Want a cookie? 🍪

I don't like wasting my breath.

I like being mindful of it.

I don't like wasting my energy arguing.

I'd rather spend it creating.

I'd rather spend my free time pondering and creating not debating.

You are one those people that like to argue.

You "need" to be right.

You want the last word.

You want the final say

Ok. You win.

You have more knowledge than me.

Your  grade point average is higher than mine.

You have more degrees.

You can Google search quicker than I can.

You win.

Your right.

You know evvvvvverything.

You are smarter than me.

You feel better now?

How about a trophy.

Maybe you'd enjoy a parade.

Want a cookie?

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HLH 12/31/31©️

Thanks for that

As much I hate you right now I want say thank you. 

Thank you for ripping off the blinders.

Thank you for destroying the ceiling and obliterating invisible lines.

Thank for making the unseen clearly visible.

Thanks for the discomfort.

Thanks for the civil unrest.

Thanks for making me appreciate all that I took for granted before you came along.

Thank you for giving me the much needed time to figure things out.

Thank you for that suffering.

Thank you for that pain.

Thank you for stripping me down to my bare bones and forcing me to see situations for what they really are.

Thank you for giving me the courage to let them go.

Thanks for revieling all my hidden foes.

Thanks for giving me the strength to keep fighting.

Thanks for awakening my spirit.

Thank you for forcing me to deal with me.

Thanks for helping me find accountability.

Thanks for showing me who I truly am.

Thanks for making it clear to me what I need to do.

I hate how you distruped my life.

I hate the way you decieved me.

I hate the way you ruined all my plans.

I hate you for all that you've taken away from me.

I hate you so much.

As much as I hate you thank you for making me better.

After surving all this hell that you put me through I now know exactly what I have to do.

I'm  now finally secure in the knowledge that I'll find a way to make it through.

Thanks for that but.........


Farewell 2020

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HLH 12/31/20©️

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Perfect timing

 Your looking for something you can't see.

Your waiting for something that will never exist.

The timing will never be spot on.

The circumstances will never be how you invision it.

Even if you knew what it looked like you wouldn't be able to find it.

Your going to be waiting on an opportunity that's never going to come because your afraid to to take the first step.

Your afraid of looking foolish.

Your afraid  of sacrificing or possibly going without.

You are being strangled by your own doubt.

Your trying to wait for the line to get smaller.

Your progress is being stunted by your own doubt.

Your looking for a short path.

You worried about details that aren't even a factor yet.

Your plans will never fall in place if you don't take that first step.

Your going to grow feeble and old waiting on perfect.

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HLH 12/26/20©️

Narratively speaking

We are in control. 

Our situation is not hopeless.

We have a say so.

We have the power contrary to all unpopular belief.

We have and are advancing at an expedient pace.

We will not be silenced nor muzzled until we win this race.

We are now among the elite that are responsible for turning the wheels to this machine were all inside of.

We set the bar.

We overcome all obstacles set in our path.

We push forward through our pain

We shatter our limits and break through barriers too.

We continuously find the strength to power though.

We contiuisly make a mockery of all that doubt us and tell us what we can not do.

No matter how much they try to tarnish our image or sully our names.... We still find a way to stand stand tall.

We remain bold and defiant.

We don't back down.

We triumph in the face of adversity.

We control the horizontal.

We control the vertical.

We "are" the air waves.

They are just glorified distortion.

White noise.


It might be their station but it's our show.

We are not the images they try to sell the people on.

We transced the box they try to place us in.

Adjust your set.

Is the image clear now?

Can you see our win?

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HLH 12/ 26/20


Tis the season?

Seasons greetings to one and all.

Happy holidays.

Seasons greetings I say to yours.

Seasons greetings I extend to thee.

I hope you enjoyed yourself and enjoyed  spending time with your loved one's and those whom you consider family.

I hope you ate  your fill.

I hope you quenched your thirst.

I hope you took alot of photos.

I hope you created fond new memories.

I hope you played games.

I hope you gave and recieved gifts.

I hope you celebrated this season in all your traditional ways that you usually do.

I hope you received and sent love during those days too.

Now that the festivities are over I have some questions to ask.

Will you keep on showing love or did you just reserve it for these days?

Will you keep checking up on loved ones and keep making time for your family?

Will you continue to help all those in need and keep showing compassion towards your fellow man?

Will you keep doing and being the best you possibly can?

Was the joy you felt truly authentic or was merely a seasonal facade?

I'm not trying to harsh your buzz or derail your train.

All I want to know is if your happiness real or is fleeting just like this season?

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HLH 12/26/20©️


Thursday, December 17, 2020


 Don't put me in a box.

Don't lump in with your past experiences.

Don't try to a get read off me by what you personally believe.

I'm not that.

I'm not him.

I'm not them.

I didn't do it. 

Don't try to make me pay for his mistake.

I'm here to give.

I'm not here to take.

I'm not going to force my way in but I will not stand idley by and bludgeoned. 

Don't ruin something good over something that wasn't.

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HLH 12/16/20©️

Take another look

What if they didn't reject you.

What if  they were waiting on you?

Appearances on the surface can be misleading.

Appearances on the surface can be down right deciving.

Keep an open mind.

Don't be so quick to judge without giving them chance.

Take your time.


Peel back the layers.

Reserve judgement instead of making up your mind at first glance.

hallziespoetrycorner:Poetry with a passion. Poetry for all occasions.™️

HLH 12/16/20©️


Their is life and death in the tounge.

You'd be surprised at the things words can do.

Words can cut shaper than the sharpest blade.

Words have the power to  heal and conceal more effectively than any tourniquet or bandaid.
Saying the right words out loud to the right person can propel them to the highest height.

Saying the wrong words to a person can ruin their entire day and may even aid in ending their life.

Their is life and death in the tounge so speak wisely when you speak them aloud.

Speak words that can inspire the most dismal of crowds.

Speak with passion.

Speak eloquently.

Speak passionately.

Speak with purpose.

Speak to inspire.

Speak to motivate.

Speak positivity.

Speak with kindness.

Speak light.

Speak love.

Speak change.

If you ever feel at an absolute loss on what to say then don't speak at all.

Let your silence be your response.

For after a word leaves your mouth  you can't undo it or take it back.

Take a moment to think about the last thing you said.

Can you live with that?

hallziespoetrycorner: Poetry with a passion.
Poetry for all occasions.™️
HLH 12/17/20©️

Thursday, December 10, 2020

For the love of it.

Would you love doing it any less if no one knew you where doing it?

Do you find your work rewarding without being rewarded for it?

Would you quit doing it if none ever said your name?

Are you passionate about it or are you just seeking fame?

What is your intention?

What do you hope to gain?

Do with passion.

Move at a vigerous pace.

If you truly love it then everything else will fall into place.

hallziespoetrycorner:Poetry with a passion.Poetry for all occasions™️
HLH 12/10/20©️

Heavenly slice

Speak it like you mean it. 

Walk it like you talk it.

 Live it like you love it.

Be what you want to attract.

Think before you speak.

Plan the way you react.

It's just that simple.

It can be just that nice.

You can live truly free or keep paying the price.

hallziespoetrycorner:Poetry with a passion. Poetry for all occasions ™️

HLH 12/10/20©️


What's even really real anymore?

Sometimes it feels like I'm living in a post apocalyptic nightmare.

Everyone is walking around with a face mask .

Hoping it will protect them from invisible harm.

The masks come in all different,sizes, shapes, colors, and styles.

Some masks even have personalized messages inscribed on them.

You can see the huddled masses adorn them from miles away.

It makes me wonder sometimes what else are they trying to  protect themselves from?

Mask over rejection.

Mask over sadness.

Mask over bullying.

Mask over loss.

Mask over trauma.

Mask over suffering.

Mask over pain.

Mask over isolation.

Mask over hatred.

Mask over feelings of woe.

Mask over anything you don't want others to know.

Masks conceal.

Masks make you feel protected.

Masks make you feel discrete.

However, a mask  is only a temporary solution.
Their conceling effects we're not made to last.
There will come a time when all will be reviled after you unmask.

Hallziespoetrycorner:Poetry with a passion.
Poetry for all occasions ™️
HLH 12/10/20©️

Thursday, December 3, 2020

her tears.

She's ruined art.

She's tainted tranquility.

She had her landscape ravaged by an unwelcome poacher.

They promised to protect her and love her to no ends.

Now she cries silently praying for it to end.

She wants to leave to find heaven but is afraid of catching hell.
She tries mask her pain behind chartuse blinds of deception.

She's convinced herself that it's her fault.

She provoked the lion.
She evkoked his rage.
She did not carry herself to his liking.

Now she sits in a desolate cage yearning to escape.

She feels ashamed for allowing it to go on for so long.

The nightingale wants wants desperately to fly away from all that is wrong.

She want to sing but she is afraid to share her song.

hallziespoetrycorner:Poetry with a passion.
Poetry for all occasions.™️ 
HLH 12/02/20©️

Farewell party

What's more sweeter than sweet?

What's more heavenly then heaven?

Look at everything you bring to the table.

If they walk away then let them leave. 

Don't agonize.

Don't worry.

Don't stress.

Don't feel hurt.

Don't beg them to reconsider.

Don't chase.

Celebrate them leaving.

Give them their space.


They settled for space when you were their entire  universe.

Let them go.

Leave them to their fate.

Keep shining

Never look back.

Close the gate.

If they call saying they miss you....let them eat cake.

hallziespoetrycorner:Poetry with a passion.Poetry for all occasions ™️
HLH 12/02/20©️

Message received

If you have something to say then speak.

Let your thoughts be known.

Make your intent be crystal clear.

I'm not a mind reader.

Meanings are never implied.

What's big to you is small to me.

Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Make your message be clear day.

Never assume.

Make your audience see the message your trying to convey.

Misunderstanding is darkness.

Communication is key.

hallziespoetrycorner: Poetry with a passion. Poetry for all occasions ™️

HLH 12/03/20©️

Thursday, November 26, 2020

What's better than you?

What's better than good?

What's greater than great?

What can't  be shaken?

What can't be defeated.

What is tried?
What is true.

I'll give you a hint.

It starts with y and ends with you.

Hallziespoetrycorner:Poetry with a passion.Poetry for all occasions.™️
HLH©️ 11/26/20

Thanks every day.

A penny for your thoughts.

A dime for time.

What's going through your mind?

You woke up today.
Your here for a reason.

Be thankful every day
Not just the holiday season.

Every day above ground is blessing in disguise.

You have a purpose here

You are adored in someone's eyes.

Be thankful for what you have and give often as you can.

Love with with all joy you can muster.
The world can be crule bitter place but it's not so bad when you wear a smile on face.

hallziespoetrycorner:poetry with a passion.
Poetry for all occasions.™️

HLH 11/26/20©️


Some people are so rich all they have is money.

Some people are so attractive looking their actually ugly.

Some couples are so in love that all they have each other.

Some people are so brilliant their actually dumb.

Some people are so brave that their actually afraid.

Some people laugh so hard that they actually weep.

Some people are so woke that their actually asleep.

Life can be subtle or be blunt.

We must look deeper to discover what we truly want.

True happiness doesn't come from the images you think see.

True riches don't come the wealth you believe you desire.

True love isn't the infatuation that your lusting after.

Knowing who you are and lovingy loving is all that truly matters.

After you love yourself unconditionally everything else will flow like water and shimmer like gold.

If you want true wealth then look deep inside your soul.

Then when you find yourself you'll have riches beyond belief and wealth untold.

hallziespoetrycorner:Poetry with a passion.Poetry for all occasions ™️

HLH 11/26/20©️


Thursday, November 19, 2020

Your call

 It only has to make sense to you.

It's not your obligation to to explain your path.

Most wouldn't understand it even if you did.

Some couldn't convince your vision

Others would probably laugh.

This your story.

This is your truth.

This your path.

Are you going to trust in the process and rely on yourself or are you going to until it makes sense to someone else?

You can be bold and walk tall or what if for the rest of your life.

It's up you.

It's your call.

hallziespoetrycorner: Poetry with a passion. Poetry for all occasions.™️

HLH 11/19/20

Not yet.

 Don't get too comfortable.

Don't  become too relaxed.

Theirs still so much to do.

We have united as one with a common goal in mind but the game still hasn't been won.

Theirs still much work to do.

We're nowhere close to being done.

We have to keep fighting.

We have to keep pressing on no matter how impossible the odds may seem.

No one signed up for any of this suffering but now it is all our responsibility's to set things right once and for all.

We are all leaders in our right.

We all have high stakes in this fight.

We've made tremendous progress so far.

We even managed to make a global impact.

We're on the precipice of victory.

We can't turn back.

We can't let anything distract us.

We can't let up.

The road has been long.

We're all weary.

We've all had quite enough.

There will never be justice for "all" until there is justice for us.

There has been a changing of the guard but not a change in the cause.

We must keep pressing forward until there is finally equality for all.

Hallziespoetrycorner:Poetry with a passion.Poetry for all occasions ™️ 

HLH 11/19/20©️


 Greetings king.

How are you doing today king? 

I see you shining.

I see you doing your thing.

If you don't mind king I'd like to hold court with you.

I have some serious business to discuss and it pertains directly to you.

I've been thinking about it and this what I've found.

Kings keep dying because kings are not properly upholding the crown.

I'm not your enemy king.

I'm not here to fight.

I see God in you king.

I'm here to bring light.

Our kingdom is dying.

Havoc has spread all across the land.

 It's going take all us to resurect it and protect it.

We must all unite and lend a helping hand.

We don't have be perfect but we should strive for perfection.

Our young kings need us to raise them and we must protect our queens.

We are kings and should only conduct ourselves as such.

For starters, we should only address each other as kings and only respond to that title.

Anything less than that is idle.

You don't have to like me and I don't have to like you but we have some serious work that we need to do.

We have to restore order.

We have to maintain a balance in the kingdom.

We have to educate and properly govern ourselves.

We need to own our own land.

We need to accumulate generational wealth. 

We need proper nourishment.

We need to master many skills.

We need to maintain righteous health.

We need a discpline system with a universal chain of command set in place.

We need to get on code.

Kings killing kings is getting out of hand... and old.

We live separate lives but are fighting the same battle.

We don't need friendly fire added to the fray.

We need to stop taking losses at night and start winning more days.

King we are polar opposites but still of the same flesh.

We both are melanated all the way down to the same bones.

Arise king.

Take your thrown.

hallziespoetrycorner:Poetry with a passion. Poetry for all occasions™️

HLH 11/19/20©️

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Laugh track

Did you remember to laugh today?😃

You should make some time to do that  every day.

You can't stop the rain but you can always keep the sun.

Find something to laugh at when your feeling down or blue.

You don't have worry about being judged.
It's all about you.

A smile feels so much better than a grimis or frown.

Can't pay a bill

Nervous about a test


Laugh in the face of danger.

Laugh in the halls of defeat.

Laugh from the bottom of your gut all the way to the bottom of your feet.

Laugh as though your life depends on it.... because it does.

Sadness can destroy your health.

Sadness will chissle away at your prosperity.

Sadness will steal your joy.

Sadness will fritter away your wealth.

So laugh to numb your pain.

Laugh until you feel whole.

Laugh to keep your self feeling sane.

Can you imagine a world without laughter?

Now that would be a crying shame.

Hallziespoetrycorner: Poetry with a passion.
Poetry for all occasions.™️
HLH 11/12/20©️

I noticed

I like to take my time.

I'm very meticolous.

I'm very observant.

One may even argue that I'm asstute.

I don't intentionally go looking for flaws.

I just look for the truth.

I'm fully aware.

I took my time and I noticed that you actually care.

I noticed you going up to bat for me.

I noticed you looking out for me in my times of need.

I noticed you noticing that warm light  I'm emitting from deep from within me. 

You see something special in me.

You want to bring it all the way out of me.

Let me tell you that I'm trying but it's not an easy task.

Thank you though.

It's becoming less difficult.

I'm starting to shine with ease.

I noticed you noticed that about me too and that makes you pleased.

Well I just would like to take time out to say thanks for noticing me.

hallziespoetrycorner:Poetry with a passion.
Poetry for all occasions.™️
HLH 11/12/20©


Maybe its you

How many haters do have?
How many people do think generally does not like you?

If you love yourself the way you claim you do then thier shade shouldn't effect you.
What if I told you that no one is coming for you.
What if I told told you that none notices anything you do.

Would you still say that you have haters?

Would you still feel that they are targeting you?

What if I told you that "you" are the mean one.

You are the mean one.

Its always been you.

They wasn't flashing you the stink eye.

They didn't even notice your post.

They only asked you a question because you seemed intelligent to them.

They asked what are those because they wanted a pair.

You are indeed special but you not the center of the universe.

Half the time you think someone is hating on you....they really do not care.

Your not that important to occupy a space in someone's head.

Stop accusing people of throwing shade.
 Try focusing on yourself instead.

Look yourself in the mirror and say it's me.

After you've accepted that truth then your you'll begin to notice how more simple your life will be.


Poetry with a passion.Poery for all occasions.™️
HLH 11/12/20©️

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Silent response

 If your waiting with bated breath for an answer then stop waiting and start accepting.

Sometimes silence is your answer.

If you request something and get no response...then the deafining  silence is your answer.

If much time passes and they do not check in then they've moved on and checked in else where.

That space you once shared is now an  empty  void.

All  the things you once shared are now just faded memories from different spaces.

Once a dependable face is now just a blurry image in the dark.

You once were in sync now you can't get a read on them.

You went from daily communication to being phased completely out.

Sometimes when they say nothing they've said everything.

The circumstances have changed.

Thought processes have evolved.

Neither one of you are the same person you once were.

It's evident that their not looking back.

They started out their journey with you and now their headed in different direction on a different path.

hallziespoetrycorner:Poetry with a passion.Poetry for all occasions.™️

HLH 10/05/20©️


 I sat back and watched it fall.

I played a significant role in not upholding you in your highest regard.

I was present while you were being mocked and shamed.

I think at times I even joined in the fray.

I did nothing to protect your honor.

I can't speak for all brothas but I can speak for me.

From this day forward I declare and decree that you will be shown your proper respect by all especially in the presence of me.

Black woman you are a Goddess and nothing short of perfection.

Life begins with you.

You alone hold the key to the kingdom on the physical and spiritual plane.

You deserve to be adored for all your majestic  splendor.

You've had to be strong for way too long.

You deserve  to allowed to vulnerable and be handled delicately.

I vow to give you my all and defend you with my last breath.

Black woman you've given the world everything.

You deserve nothing less.

Now let me adjust your crown.

Let me restore it's luster.

Let me add one jewel for every time you were made to suffer or feel pain.

I vow your crown will never get tarnished again.

hallziespoetrycorner: Poetry with a passion. Poetry for all occasions ™️

HLH 10/05/20©️


Everyone wants to make an impact.
Everyone stives their best to turn the tide.
Life is a fickled journey.
A never ending ride.
I come in contact with so much information and brand new faces.
I often feel like I'm traveling the desert in search of an Oasis.
I'm parched and need to be revitalized.

Sometimes I become overwhelmed by the suffering I'm constantly seeing.

I want to become a  beacon.
Give hope.
Offer healing and reassure one's whom are filled with sorrow and doubt.

Then realize I'm only one man.
I can do only what I can.
I'm not a superhero.
I can't save the world but I can reshape my mind and move with vigour.
I can choose my responses wisely.
I can motivate myself.
I can change the room by changing me.
I can escape any form of oppression by believing I'm free.
I can be pro prosperity.
I can attract everything I desire and need simply by believing in "me".

hallziespoetrycorner:Poetry with a passion. Poetry for all occasions.™️
HLH 10/5/20©️

Thursday, October 29, 2020


 He went to the same academy you went to.

He received the exact same training you did.

He pledged the same oath you did.

He swore to serve and protect just you you did.

He promised to have  your back and you promised him the same.

You both wear blue but that where it stops.

You believe in justice for "all"  but he does not.

You do it by the book.

He makes his rules

You turn it all in.

He skims his of the top.

When you see a man who is black you just see man.

When he sees a black man he sees a potential suspect.

He wants imditate action.

He views him as a threat.

He won't call for back up and doesn't believe in speaking to them nice.

As far as he's concerned he's saving the taxpayers money by ending a black life because they don't matter.

All he needs is your cosign to seal the deal.

What should you do?

He is a cop but is he like you?

He's not your brother.

He's a disgrace to the badge.

He the opposite of everything you stand for.

He's not like you.

You owe him no alligence.

Your concious tearing you apart.

Don't uphold the brotherhood.

Listen to your heart.

He's slime and not worthy to stand next to you.

If your superiors say he acted justly then ask yourself if that outfit is still for you.

Take a stand.

End Police brutality.

hallziespoetrycorner: Poetry with a passion.Poetry for all occasions.™️

HLH 10/29/20©️

I got me.

You don't see the bigger picture.

You can't grasp my motives.
Your oblivious to my methods.
When you look at me and listen to me all "you" see is madness.
You think I'm a nut.
A weirdo... big time.
You counted me out in your mind and left me for dead.
Well I'm here to let you know that you can go on and go right ahead.
Stay over there with your doubt and distain towards me.
I don't live for your cheers and I'll never cry over your boos.
I don't need your approval or accpetance.
Its really alright if you think I'm extra, basic, or way over the top.
I don't live for you.
I live for me and I'm never going to stop.
So stay in your box and keep on silently judging me like you've been doing from the jump.

I promise you I don't care.

I never needed you.
I'll never be in need of you.

I expect nothing from you.

If I have to walk alone for the rest of my days than that's alright by me.

If anybody in the world's going to have my back it'll be me.

hallziespoetrycorner:Poetry with a passion.
Poetry for all occasions ™️.
HLH 10/29/20


 I was having a problem but wasn't quite sure on how to approach it.

I paced back and forth and around and around.

I was burden with anxiety.

Riddled with uncertainty and drowning in doubt.

I was perplexed.

Confused to say the least.

I sat and sat.

I pondered and pondered.

Yet I kept on drawing blanks.

The answer I was seeking  kept alluding me.

Then I finally decided to hit streets.

Someone must know how to solve this problem.

Some one must have the key.

I sat out  on my journey determined to find a clue.

I needed an answer.

I needed someone to tell me what I should do.

The first person I came across was wisdom.

I began to ask wisdom to help me out but wisdom interrupted me in mid speech and said, "I already know what this is all about."

I could tell you what you want to know, but you will not be able to fully grasp it in your current state of mind.

Stay traveling down this path to until you reach a plateau. 

Once you see it call out for the one called consciousness and they will tell you what you need to know.

I thanked wisdom and then departed swiftly.

I walked until I reached the plateau

I called out to consciousness and consciousness responded back.

Then as I was about to ask my question Conciouness handed me a key. 

Then told me to take the key to knowledge and knowlede would reviel the answer I seek.

I asked Conciouness how do get to  Knowledge.

Conciouness replied,"Stay on this path until you see a large tree."

Knowledge will be perched under it and waiting for this key.

I walked a little further until I reached the tree.

Sure enough, knowledge was resting comfortably and looking as if he was expecting  me.

I waswwas from all that traveling. I couldn't muster the strength to speak. 

I just handed knowledge the key.

Knowledge pulled out a box and handed me the box along with the key. Then told me to open it and I'll finally get the answer I seek.

I opened the box and found a peculiar sight.

The box contained the letters N and R and hand mirror. 

I looked at knowledge and asked knowledge to explain.

Knowledge said you already know.

Put all the items together and keep saying it until it becomes plain.

I looked at the items again.

I said, NR mirror.

No that wasn't it.

Then I said,N R reflection."

No. That didn't sound quite right either.

The I said N R a flection of me.

NR me?

I scratched my forehead and furrowed my brow.

Then I tried saying it again out loud.

N R me.


That was it.

Why did take me that long long to see.

The answer I was seeking was before me the whole time.

It was the "inner" me.


hallziespoetrycorner:Poetry with a passion. Poetry for all occasions.™️

HLH 10/29/20©️

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Breyonna's Ballad


First responder.

 Long hectic days and cold lonely nights.

A thankless daunting task with no ending in site.

Essential worker.

First responder.

Adrenelane surges and heart aches.

Day in and day out drama. 


Shattered nerves.


Some passengers make it and and some don't.

That's the life of an EMT.

The only  "real" comfort for them  is getting to go home to their  nice "safe" house in their  nice "safe" neighborhood and the end of their day.

That is,unless they don't happen to own a home yet and their neighborhood isn't safe.

Welcome to Breyona's life.

She lived smack dab in the center of hell.

She was surrounded by dealers, suppliers, gangstas, and users. 

Nothing around her but broken souls, people that had their dreams dashed, derelects, and flowers that never made it to full bloom.

Her only ray of sunshine was her meaningful line of work and a vivid dream of what life would be like over greener pastures and brighter sunrises.

She didn't let her harsh environment consume her happiness. 

She pressed forward with a smile on her face and hope in heart.

 She was a visionary with a vision board. 

She exicuted each move she made with intent. 

She expected a change and began seeing all of her plans manifest slowly into friuition. 

She had just manifested a car and was nearly on her way to owning her first home. 

She was a few pay checks away from her new house, 

and living her new life in her new neighborhood.

Then it all got snatched away from her on that horendeous night.

No knock.

No warning.

No ID.

No apology.

No empathy.

No remorse.

No accountability.

Just hot lead and aggression.

All  in the line duty.

Officers,when you close your eyes at night I pray you see her face until your dying day.

Officers, you all "need" to feel ashamed.

Justice has no sight but vengeance has an angel be and Breyonna Taylor is her name.

hallziespoetrycorner: Poetry with a passion.Poetry for all occasions™

HLH©️ 9/03/20

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Karen my your own business

Karen exactly who the hell do you think you are?

You don't own the street.

I'm going to need you to stop.

Karen noone appointed you captain of the block.

I'm going to need you to stop.

Karen you don't get paid to enforce the park rules.

Karen I do not have to answer to you.

I'm going to need you to stop.

Karen stop violating my personal space.

Karen get out of my damn face.

I'm going to need you to stop.

Yes, Karen this my car.

Yes ,Karen I live here.

No, I will not show you my ID.

Fall back with all that.

I'm gonna need you to stop.

Karen I don't need to learn or speak this bastardized language properly just to prove to you I belong here.

I was here first so there is no going back.

I'm going to need you to stop.

Karen I have witnesses and my phone out I don't need you to tell me your calling the cops.

I'm gonna need you to stop.

Karen if you haven't notied no one else cares.

Karen stop making a scene.

Karen just stop.

Karen are you quite finished?

Karen I'm going to give you the best piece of advice you ever had in life.

Karen just mind your own damn business.

Karen just stop.

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HLH ©  7/14/20

Emotional chess

There is alot of information to proces and digest.

A whole lot is going on right now.

Through all this one I must remain strong.

Think strategically before you react.

One mustn't fall for ploys.

One mustn't fall for traps.

Don't get baited into arguing with a fool.

Take ten breaths.

Try not loose your cool.

Put your yourself in a good situation.

Plot ten moves ahead.

Think about how sad your family will be if you were to die from moving irrationally.

Don't allow yourself to become a casualty from situation that could have been avoided.

Don't let your rage comsume you.

Do not allow your emotions to run the show.

The stakes are high.

This game is rigged.

It was set up from the get up.

Despite these seemingly impossible odds it is still possible to win this day.

You'll never be beaten if you make the choice not to play.

It's easier than it sounds.

It is a simple thing to do.

Control your emotions or your emotions will control you.

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HLH 7/14/20  ©  

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Play your part

We all have a gift.

We all have a talent.

We all have a special skill that sets us apart.

In times of peril the world demands we use them to play our part.

We all  can help our fellow man in this great time of civil unrest.

We all can do something productive to ease this tension and relieve this stress.

So lets  go out and bring forth all your donations and contributions.

March forward for justice and unite as one to provide solutions.

So builders build.

Muscians compose.

Activist  get active.

Cooks nourish the troops.

Singers croon the tune of freedom

Comedians humor us and uplift our spirits.

Artist immortalize this moment for future generations to see.

Musicans let your your instrument's melody rejuvenate the souls of the  spiritually dead.

Rappers spit that spit. Tap in and reach out.

Religious figures steady your flock for the choppy waters that lie ahead.

Poets speak or write the doctrine for the healing of the broken.

Leaders lead. Take control of the helm to organize the troops.

Hustlers acquire the funds and dispurse them liberally to finance the cause.

Fighters protect and defend to bitter end.

Resesrchers fact-check the media devils. Prevent the spread of misinformation.

Keyboard warriors your needed too. Spread awareness on your platforms so everyone will know where to go and what to do.

Lets stay stay focucused

Lets move as one and not get side tracked or divided.

We all must aggressive or non-violent.

One thing we can no longer do is stay silent.

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©HLH 6/7/20

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

We're tired!

When you love someone you tell them the truth.

You tell them the truth no matter how bad it hurts.

You tell them truth because if you don't the situation will only get worse.

America I love you but here's  the deal.

I have to let you know exactly how my people feel.

My people are tired.


This isn't "just" about  justice for brother Ahmaud  and brother George.

This is about decades of neglect and having "our" problems ignored.

We're tired.

We're tired of getting followed around the store.

We're tired of being over worked and under paid.

We're tired of being your  medical lab rats that you  conduct experiments on and run around "your" social maze.

We're tired of being told to turn down "our" music.

We're  tired of being told how to dress.

We're tired of having to settle for second best.

We're tired  of being told that slavery, jim crow, regonomics, and  the bushes all happend in the past and to just get over it.

We're  tired of having to console our children after you tell them their not good enough by calling them "that" name.[ n@g#!er]

We're  tired of the narrative always being spinned, as if it's our "own" fault for being declared dead on breaking news at 10.

We're tired of  mass incarceration and you passing new laws specifically targeted at "us" just so you can fill your jails.

We're  tired of being told if you hate it here so much then go back.

We're tired of hearing how your immigrant ancestors didn't speak a word of english but found a way to make the American dream work for them.

We're  tired of  having to give our young males a tutorial on how to survive a routine traffic stop when they come of age.

We're tired  of "your" women clutching their purses and covering their cleavage when our males ride the elevator with them.

We're tired of your system splitting up our homes.

We're  tired of red lining.

We're  tired of chem trails.

We're  tired of the judicial branch moving like snails. ( when it comes to delivering  justice  for  us)

We tired of the fashion industry telling our women thier features  are not pretty enough.

We're tired of your news painting a picture of "our"people in a negative light.

We're tired of having to be athletic, having to perform for you, or entertain you "just" to make you treat us right.

We're  tired of Becky and Karen  falsely calling the executioners on us and not getting cited of fined for doing so.

We're  tired!

We're tired!

We're  tired!


America we didn't mean to hurt your feelings but I had to let you know.

Now kindly remove your knee from our necks.

Get your feet off our backs.

Remove your vice grips off our wallets.

Kindly stop pumping your poisons into our bodies and minds

One last thing you'll  listen if you trully care. 

 Pull your nose out of our affairs.

We love but Lord knows we're  tired of you.

hallziespoetrycorner:Poetry with a passion.Poetry for all occasions.™