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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Maybe its you

How many haters do have?
How many people do think generally does not like you?

If you love yourself the way you claim you do then thier shade shouldn't effect you.
What if I told you that no one is coming for you.
What if I told told you that none notices anything you do.

Would you still say that you have haters?

Would you still feel that they are targeting you?

What if I told you that "you" are the mean one.

You are the mean one.

Its always been you.

They wasn't flashing you the stink eye.

They didn't even notice your post.

They only asked you a question because you seemed intelligent to them.

They asked what are those because they wanted a pair.

You are indeed special but you not the center of the universe.

Half the time you think someone is hating on you....they really do not care.

Your not that important to occupy a space in someone's head.

Stop accusing people of throwing shade.
 Try focusing on yourself instead.

Look yourself in the mirror and say it's me.

After you've accepted that truth then your you'll begin to notice how more simple your life will be.


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