Friday, October 14, 2016

My so gone challange. Remix{ So wrong}

So gone.
Soo gone.

So wrong. So wrong how your doing us.
 Your soooo wronnnng.
(wrong wrong wrong.)
Silly young you.
You refuse to see.
The only time our live matter is when we are endorsing your products on TV.

I'm not a rapper.
This is not a rap.
I'm just a poet observing what's going on today.
Now I got something to say.
Lets see.
Its 2016.
We're not allowed to wear hoods.
We can't sell squares or CD'S.
We can't play with water pistols.
We can't make political stands on TV.
Not in America.
Land of free and home of the  brave.
A land that was built on the backs of slaves.
Denial of eqal rights for people of color is rampant.
Systematic racism is at an all time high and automatic.
Its a truth that America  refuses to acknowledge.
We send the black fathers to jail on trumped up charges.
Splitting up the black home.
Your so wrong.
(wrong wrong wrong wrong.)
I'm not a rapper.
 This is not a rap.
 I'm just a poet observing what's going on today.
I'm not a rapper this is not a rap.
Every time we start getting ahead you move the goal post back.
Your sooo wrong.
(wrong wrong wrong.)

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