Saturday, May 19, 2018

By any means

Contrary to what you believe the revolution can and will be televised.

It will not be preempted by any tel-lie-vision programming.

The revolution will assume control over all your devices.

The message will be clear.

The message will be unapologetic.

It will offend hypocrites.

It will outrage racist.

It will frighten bigots.

It will confuse liars.

It will unite the noble and the just.

It will not be confined to closed quarters.

It will not be contained.

It will not be detained.

It will spread like smoldering hot coals inside a roaring furnace.

It will awaken the sleep and rejuvenate the weary.

It will empower the oppressed.

Learning and healing will not be denied.

Power and privileges will no longer be usurped.

Fear will longer overwhelm nor divide us.

No more inequality.

No more poverty.

No more suffering.

No more asking!

No begging!

No more pleading!

No more kneeling!

Enough is enough!

The revolution will move on even if we are forced to stand still.

The process may be painful.

It may even be lethal.

However,  It will not be stopped.

This poem is in remberance of  one of the most prolific speakers, profound thinkers and dynamic teachers of his era

This piece is an homage to his firery spirit not meant to incite violence.

Peace be unto you forever brother
Malcom X aka Malik EL Shabazz.

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