Thursday, January 28, 2021


 Whose that one person that's always their for you no matter what?

Who has your back when the chips are down?

Who speaks highly of you no matter who they are around?

Who is that person that will defend your name until the bitter end?

Who will come through for with no hesitation.

Who is your clutch?

If you don't have one you better find one soon.

When you do find one be prepared to be their for them like they are their for you.

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HLH 12/17/21©️


You have no life.

You hide behind a keyboard ready to post.

You have no profile pic but you love to roast.

You keep up havoc in the comments.

You disagree with everything and never have any positive feedback or incite to give.

Gossip, drama, and messiness is why you live.

You exist only to push buttons.

You love to get people triggered.

You got fake account after fake account.

You have a sick twisted sense of humour.

Here's a friendly bit of advice I think you should know.

Nobody likes an internet troll.

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HLH 12/27/21 ©️

Customer won'tserveus

 Exuse me.

 Can I help you find  something?

If you need some help just let me know.

Does that sound familiar?

Do those phrases ring any bells?

It should if your skin isn't pale.

It's a store moto that my people know all too well.

It's called retail racism commonly reffered to as shopping while black.

Every black person in world can relate to that.

Some retail outlets have us  targeted as soon as we set foot inside the store.

Then their shop minions stealthfuly track our every move in every aisle throughout the sales floor.

They slink around spying on us suspiciously.

Their just waiting for the opportunity to dial 911 maliciously.

Then after we notice the game that's being played they'll usually deploy a slick response followed up with some repartee. 

They'll usually say something along the lines of we didn't mean to offend. It's just that we've been encountering  a lot of shoplifters lately.

Then they'll go out of their way to provide the rudest shopping experience they possibly can.

They don't want us in their store.

They don't want our business.

They do not value us or our dollar and that's a fact.

They do this by design because they don't want us to come back.

The complaint process is a joke and the litigation process is hardly worth the effort to pursue. 

Why is it this way?

Why do they not believe we deserve common decency?

How long must we endure until we are properly serviced?

They'll accommodate an animal before they serve us.

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HLH 12/27/21©️


Thursday, January 21, 2021

keep it.

If you don't care just let be known.

Don't fake check up on me

Don't  fake praise me.

Don't fake compliment me.

I'm doing just fine.

I know what you heard.

I know what they said.

I even know who they is.

If your looking  for misery then keep looking because you'll find none here.

I'm in a space of constantly.

I'm constantly learning.

I'm constantly loving.

I'm constantly growing.

I'm constantly striving.

I'm constantly creating.

I'm constantly manifesting.

I'm constantly receiving.

I'm constantly happy

I'm constantly releasing.

I'm constantly evloving.

I'm constantly consistent.

I'm constantly solid.

I'm constantly genuine.

I'm constantly unique

I'm constantly progressing.

I'm constantly in seek.

I'm constantly attracting.

I'm constantly inspiring.

I'm constantly wondering. 

I'm constantly exploring.

I'm constantly mastering.

I'm constantly never lacking.

I'm constantly unpacking.

I'm constantly devoid of excess baggage, insecurities, and secretes.

If whatever your trying to give me isn't authentic than you can keep it. 

hallziespoetrycorner:Poetry with a passion.Poetry for all occasions ™️ 

HLH 12/21/21 ©️

Same old girl.

She's always been like this.

She didn't just change over night.

She's always been quick to judge.

She's always been quick to fight.

She's always been a liar.

She's always been deceitful.

She has always  favored certain people.

She has always been foul.

She was always  crude.

She was always loud.

She was always rude.

She's never been great dispute all unpopular belief.

America. America oh America.

God bless the child that has his own.

It's a new day.

The ball has dropped.

The band band stopped playing.

The ball is over.

She has a new daddy but she's same old girl.

Lets all role up our sleeves and try our best to clean her up because she's filthy and she has never loved us.

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HLH 1/21/21©️

True hate

 Everything ain't for body.

We all can't be in ageeance all the time and that's a fact.

I may like it like this and you may prefer it like that.

That's just how it is.

 One can't be labeled a hater just because one refuses to follow the crowd and conform to the norm?

One should feel free to speak their mind and stand on their  own truth.

You should always call like you see it.

We're not put here to people please. 

That's not what we're here to do.

If someone ever asks you how you feel about something you should always tell them truth.

If they call you a hater after the fact then that says a lot about them and not about you.

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HLH 1/21/21©️

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Can you do it?

 Can you be happy?

Can you enjoy yourself by yourself?

Can you laugh out loud for no rhyme or reason?

Can you dance like you don't care if someone stares?

Can you admit when your wrong sometimes?

Can you exercise the same patience with others as you want them to do with you?

Can you not rush to judgement before you have weighed all the facts?

Can you let it go and not allow it to consume you?

Can you not rationalize for once?

Can you act civilized?

Can you think?

Can you express yourself?

Can you use your imagination? 

Can you love?

Can you show it?

Can you be free?

Can you not loose it?

Can you do it?

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HLH 1/14/20©️

This is war

You did not sign up for this.

It is not fair.

It entered your life without warning.

Theirs no way you could have ever anticipated it.

Theirs no way you could  have been prepared.

Shots fired.

Projectiles are coming at you from all directions.

This is war!

Your under attack.

There is no refuge from the onslaught from this invisible juggernaut.

You are your only ally.

You are your only protection.

You are your ammunition.

You are your weapon.

The ops won't give you a second to catch your breath let alone breathe.

Your deep in the trenches and the only way out is to fight and believe.

Amour up.


Find your center.

Hone your disceplene.

Your at war with deamons.

They don't understand the ways of peace.

They only exist to bring carnage.

They won't let up.

They will not yield.

They will not cease.

You have to force them into submission.

You have to stand firm on your faith.

You have to embody your beliefs.

This war.

It's cold.

It's bitter.

It's not fair.

Your only chance for survival is to tap in and awaken God.

Be the prayer.

This is war soldier.


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HLH 1/14/21©️

Hair Trigger.

 Button. Button whoes got the button?

Where's the button?

I don't even know you and I can see your button from here.

You make it so easy.

You make it so accessible.

You become triggered real quick.

I see it.

There it is.




You don't like that do you?

You let your emotions rule you.

Take it down a notch.

Dial it back.

Ask yourself this question.

Who wins?

Sure you might get the last word in.

You may even beat them senseless.

Who wins though?

Who was in control?

Who was pulling the strings?

Are you a player or a play thing?

Are they gigantic or are you bigger?

Why was it so easy for them to trip your trigger?

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HLH 1/14/21©️

Thursday, January 7, 2021

In due time

 What's the rush?

Who are you trying to impress?

Who are you trying beat?

Dreams don't have  an expiration  date.

As long as your making progress then your doing just fine.

Accept construction criticism.

Pay unproductive conversations no mind.

Do what you need to do to get through.

Your not punching a clock.

Your on your own time.

hallziespoetrycorner:Poetry with a passion. Poetry for all occasions. ™️

HLH 12/07/21©️

Just action

 I see what's going on.

I'm not blind.

I can't mute it.

I know something must be done.

I'm not stupid.

I can't take the time to react to every teeny tiny thing that catches my radar.

It's not that I'm afraid.

It's not that I just don't care.

I just know the only way I can help out is to study, train, and prepare.

I may not be able to change the world but I can change mine.

I can change me.

What's going on right now will happen regardless.

What is just is.

That which is shall be.

I can't change the world but I can change me.

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HLH 12/07/21©️

Happy renew year.

Well it's that time again.

The ball has dropped.

A new year has begun.

It's time for a second trip around the sun.

New year New me.

Isn't that the popular phrase that's usually  uttered every year around this time?

We make new plans and promise to resolve the same old problems.

This year I resolve  to loose weight.

This year I resolve to become rich.

This is the year I will make that hit.

This is the year I get that role.

This year I will become a star.

This is the year.

This is year I go viral.

This year I'll start my own business.

This year I will make a difference.

This will be the year I take that trip.

This will be the year

where I try something new.

This year I will find love.

This will be the year I quit.

This year I will change my life.

This will be the year I win.

This will be the year where I'll be the best.

This will be "my" year....

Isn't that the same thing you said last year and the year before that?

If you continue to make new plans with the same old mind then your sure to fall flat.

Make your plans but be honest and true to yourself.

Strive to reach your goals and don't worry about anyone else's stats.

Be calm.


Release and reset.

Now meditate and reflect upon that.

Hallziespoetrycorner:Poetry with a passion. Poetry for all occasions.™️

HLH 12/07/21©️