Saturday, August 28, 2021

The mantra


I  am.

I believe.

I embrace.

I accomplish.

I achieve.

I now receive

I am strong.

I am great.

I am courageous

I am mighty.

I am victorious.

I am positivity.

I now receive.

I am creative.

I am inspiration.

I am talent.

I am art.

I now receive

I am abundance.

I am opulent.

I am rich.

Now receive

I am love.

I am intimacy.

I am attractive.

I am passionate.

I am desire.

I now receive.

I am loyal.

I am a friend.

I am kind.

I am a giver.

I am a confidant.

I now receive.

I am focused.

I am disciplined.

I am driven.

I am goal oriented.

I now receive.

I am intelligent.

I am thoughtful.

I am studious.

I am unique.

I am philosophical.

I am ingenious.

I now receive.

I am spiritual.

I am still.

I am calm.

I am centers.

I now receive.

I attract all things good.

I am one with the myself.

I am in tune with God.

I one with the Universe.

I now receive

If I see it my mind I can hold it my hand.

I now receive.

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HLH© 8/28/21

Friday, August 27, 2021



Sometimes it's subtle .

Sometimes it's blatant.

It may not be visible to you all the time but it is taking place.

It is happening all around your world.

It is taking shape.

It is propelling you.

It guiding you.

It is evolving your core being.

You may not notice it through your own eyes but rest assured you are not same as you once were.

You have transformed.

You no longer in the space.

You have leveled up.

You have an entirely new aura.

You have a new pulse.

You have achieved results.

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HLH© 8/27/21

Dry hate

Their only reason for existing is to take the wind out of your sails.

They take delight in your discomfort.

They love seeing you fail.

They know exactly what your capable of and don't like it.

They  smile and praise you to your face.

Then plot treason behind your back.

If your plans ever got briefly derailed it's because they sabotaged the track.

Their laughs conceal lies.

Their well wishes are hollow.

Their handshakes say friend.

Their contempt says I hope something bad happens to you tomorrow.

They constantly betray with out an ounce of sorrow.

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HLH© 8/27/21

Friday, August 20, 2021

Still time


It's never too late to change.

It's never too late to take a new approach.

It's never too late to learn.

It's never too late to love.

It's too late to forgive.

It's never to late to make  amends.

It's never to late to reconcile grievances with old friends.

It's never too late to find a new reason to live.

It's never too late to appreciate the sunshine.

It's never to late to have a change of heart or to open your mind.

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HLH© 8/20/21

Thursday, August 19, 2021


You pray and pray until your knees become chapped.

You give and you give until you collapse.

You train and train until your muscles ache.

You read and study until your head throbs.

You shop and spend money erratically.

You need big houses, fancy cars and the best of anything money can buy.

You eat until your beyond full.

You bounce from one meaningless fling to another.

You don't show your affection you crowd and smother.

You curiosity is never safatisfied.

Your not content with anything.

Nothing you do is never enough.

Your like a balloon with a hole in it.

You'll never be filled completely up.

You keep trying to fill your empty space.

You keep missing the piece of yourself staring you right in your face.

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HLH © 8/19/21




You can always catch more flies with honey.

Try some kinds words and a  friendly smile every once in while.

 Kindness will  help mellow some one with a bitter disposition.

Sometimes the best way to deal with them is to just smile and listen.

It may be tempting to entertain and engage in their rage but try a some kindness.

Try some kindness the next time someone tries to take wind out of your sails.

Try some kindness when all other options have failed.

It may not be effective all time.

In some situations it may not work.

Kindness may not help every single thing but it definitely never hurts.

Try to be kind.

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Poetry for all occasions ™
HLH© 8/19/21

Saturday, August 14, 2021

The writings on the wall


No need to waste words.

No need to spell it out.

It's been a long time coming.

The intent is already plain .

Nothing left to explain.

The feeling in your gut is your higher self.

It's telling you to trust yourself.

If it's telling you to stay away from a person or situation then take heed.

You are your conscious and that's all the confirmation you need.

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HLH© 8/14/21

Friday, August 13, 2021



You can do anything but every thing.

Give yourself a break.

You've done the work.

You have what it takes. 

You don't have to spread yourself so thin in order to win.

Don't over tax your spirit.

Don't let vision blind you.

Retune your focus.

Make the time you need  for all the things near and dear to you.

Don't loose yourself trying trying to find the new you.

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Due diligence

Don't take anyone's word as absolute truth.

Investigate everything thoroughly for yourself.

Examine  the situation from all sides.

Fact- check the fact-checkers.

Question all authorities.

Study, disect, and learn  the subject your studying inside out.

Don't stop until your curiosity is satisfied.

Explore the content of the matter to its deepest depth.

Never stop asking questions.

Never loose your desire to obtain knowledge.

Never stop finding problems to solve.

Stay hungry for the truth.

Never loose your inquisitive resolve.

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HLH 8/13/21©

Friday, August 6, 2021



That closed shut.

Accept what is.

They keep telling you and telling you. They keep on showing you and showing over and over again.

This isn't anything new coming from them. 

You just saw what you wanted to see. 

They keep trying to exit from your life but you refuse to let them leave.

Let them leave.

No matter how much you pray and no matter how much you hope they will never change.

The was never authentic.

They dealt with you on their own time.

The writing has always been on the wall but couldn't see it because you were blind. 

Now that that you have seen them in their true light what will it be? 

You need to dwell any longer.

The knew the answer a long time ago.

If want to exit from your life don't fight....


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Who are you when no one is watching?

Does your energy remain the same or does it change?

Are you still kind?

Are still earnest?

Are you still meek?

Are your intentions noble?

Will you still stand strong or will you fold?

Do you still maintain displine or will you break it?

Will you still ask nicely for something  you would like to have or will you just take it?

Be who you say you are at all times.

Be good at all times even when you think no one is watching you.

Keep your word.

Maintain your integrity.

Remain dependable.

Stay solid through and though.

Your words tell the story of who you are but your charecter defines you.

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HLH © 8/6/21


 I want to get closer but I have to fall back.

I can't be too close to you.

I can't make full contact.

You throw me out of alignment.

When ever I'm near you the energy is never quite right.

My nevers become a quiver.

My neck hairs stand on end.

The words you speak fills me with saddens.

No judgement on how you choose to carry yourself.

That's just who you are.

It might actually be me that requires the help.

Never the less I must preserve myself.

I must keep my calm and maintain my focus at all cost.

If I continue  to keep being around you I will be completely lost.

I love you and believe me this hurts but I must choose me first.

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HLH©️ 8/6/21