Monday, April 8, 2013

Second Sight.

I’m reflecting in the pools of my soul.

Gauging the depth of my breath.

Testing the temperature before I make that plunge.

I’m observing and soaking knowledge like a sponge.

What is now shrouded in the cloak of darkness will soon be reviled with the presence of light.

The truth is calling out to me in the middle of the night.

My enemies and deterrents are great. Yet my worry is scant.

I’m slaying sorrow and doing away with can’t.

Standing fast and poised.

Filtering out distraction and destroying noise.

Taking up arms and putting away my toys.

My vision is razor sharp and cuts like a knife.

Now living my truth while evading life’s plight.

I’m polished now and never will be taken.

My intensity was muted. My thoughts clouded and polluted.

I’m polished now. Aware and never again will be taken.

I was a sleeping giant. Now I have been
Hallzies poetry corner: Poetry for all occasions. Poetry with a passion tm copyright 4/8/13 HLH