Friday, April 16, 2021


The devil's in the details.

He's laying right on the canvas. 

He lying in wait to attack with the numbers and persuade you with logic.  

He wants to blind you with the practical and charm with the should.

Don't loose the plot in details.

Trust the process and take the wind out of his sails.

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HLH 4/16/21©

Same page

Never assume.

Open up a dialogue if your ever in doubt.

Find out what they mean.

Make sure you know where their coming from

Keep an open mind.

Be ready to listen. 

Be willing to receive.

Don't draw  hasty decisions until they've said their piece.

Doing this will cut prevent miscommunication and and I'll intent.

Taking time out to gain an overstanding is always time well spent.

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Your not everyone else.

 Your purpose is greater.

That's why you suffer so.

Your heart is pure.

You never treat others as others treat you.

You would never deny others the way they deny you.

They couldn't handle the type of pressure life puts you through.

If they were ever in your shoes they wouldn't know what to do.

You  are solid.

You stand for virtue.

That is why they fear you.

That is why they mock you.

That is why they try to hurt you.

You are an inspiration.

You are the remedy for pain.

You have a heart as pure as gold. 

You never compromise your integrity.

You will does not bend not fold.

You can not be bought.

You can not be sold.

Many called but few are chosen.

You values are and honor are second to none. 

You shine brightly.

You are the one.

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HLH 4/16/21©️

Thursday, April 8, 2021



I hear rumbling sounds echoing from a dark  place. 

I see it lurking in the shadows wating to pounce.

I don't how it found me again.

I thought I got rid of it a long time ago.

I thought I drove it off for good the last time it attacked me.

Why's it back staring directly at me?

I have no intention on letting it feast on me.

It has nothing but primal savagery ready to unleash upon me.

I want to earse it permanently.

I want it to leave me alone and go away forever. 

I wish it was just hunt someone else.

I wish it find some new prey.

I grow weary from battling it.

I know eventually it will defeat me one day.

Until that day comes I stay forever vigilant.

I can never let my gaurd down around it. 

If I don't it will completely consume me.

When that happens I will die or spend the rest of my days dwelling in a cage.   

I refuse to be defeated by my blind rage.

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HLH 4/08/21©️

Who cares

Why are you so concerned?

What's your deal.

How come you have to go out of your way to express how you feel?

What's it matter what kind of shoes they have on their feet?

So what about their hair.

Why are you all inside their mouth worrying about their teeth?

Why are you worrying about the type of car they  drive?

Do you get paid for it? 

Why are you so fixated on talking about them?

I feel sorry for you.

You need some help. 

You live in a sad world.

You need  to quit talking about other people and worry about yourself.

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HLH 4/08/10©


No clear path

The path to success isn't always clear.

There is no straight line.

The is no perfect blue print or module that will properly 
assist you.

Their will be no wise sage standing in the middle of the road that will mentor you and point you in the right direction.

You will be all alone for most of Journey.

You will toil endlessly day and night.

No will comfort you.

No one will be sympathetic to your plight.

You will see everyone in their rarest form and in their truest light.

It won't be easy.

You will stumble.

You will fall.

You will fail.

The only way to reach the end is to keep your heart.

 Trust in the process and you will prevail.

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HLH 4/08/21©️

Thursday, April 1, 2021


 I don't accept limitations.

I don't accept narcissism.

I don't  accept excues.

I don't accept can't

I don't accept closes doors ceilings.

I don't accept negative vibes and harsh feelings.

I don't accept gossip.

I don't slander.

I don't accept disrespect.

I don't accept being told just any old thing.

I don't accept lies.

I don't accept being put inside of a box.

I don't accept being done before my time.

I don't accept  not having a choice.

I don't accept not having a piece of mind.

I don't accept being unconscious.

I don't accept following the spirually blind.

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HLH 4/1/21©️

Finger pointing.

 It's easy to look at someone's else's life and tell them what they shouldn't do.

It's easy to gauge their situation and say what you wouldn't do.

It easy to wave your finger at them with distain.

It's easy  to criticize.

It's easy to find fault.

It's easy to place blame.

You know what's not so easy to do?

It's not so easy to take the same criticism.

It's not so easy when others become critical of you.

Can you handle the same criticism you give?

If someone ever becomes overly critical of you what will do?

Just remember that when you point your finger at someone else their will be three pointed back at you.

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HLH 4/1/21©️

Shimmer like gold

No matter what shape gold takes gold takes gold will always be valuable no matter what.

It will never rust.

It will never tarnish.
It will never fade.

Gold will remain valuable for all of its days.

It's illustrious shine will out last us all.

Long to shimmer like gold.
Radiate allure.

Shimmer brightly even in darkness.

Carry yourself in such a way that others will have no choice to acknowledge your worth.

Shimmer like gold and your legacy will on long after your body fades.

Shimmer like gold for the rest of your days.

hallziespoetrycorner:Poetry with me a passion. Poetry for all occasions.™️
HLH 4/1/21©️