Thursday, April 8, 2021



I hear rumbling sounds echoing from a dark  place. 

I see it lurking in the shadows wating to pounce.

I don't how it found me again.

I thought I got rid of it a long time ago.

I thought I drove it off for good the last time it attacked me.

Why's it back staring directly at me?

I have no intention on letting it feast on me.

It has nothing but primal savagery ready to unleash upon me.

I want to earse it permanently.

I want it to leave me alone and go away forever. 

I wish it was just hunt someone else.

I wish it find some new prey.

I grow weary from battling it.

I know eventually it will defeat me one day.

Until that day comes I stay forever vigilant.

I can never let my gaurd down around it. 

If I don't it will completely consume me.

When that happens I will die or spend the rest of my days dwelling in a cage.   

I refuse to be defeated by my blind rage.

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HLH 4/08/21©️

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