Thursday, December 26, 2019

Take me

Take me to place to where I can truly be care free.

Take me to land where there is no hatred of me.

Take me to a place where everyone has.

Take me to place where gunshots don't ring out.

Take me to a place where there is no suffering.

Take me to a place where there is no pain.

Take me to place where there is no heart ache.

 Take me to place where there is  no strife.

Take me far past the clouds.

Take beyond the stars.

Take me happiness... wherever you are.

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HLH ©/26/19

Letter to the black woman.

Dear black woman,

Have I ever told you that I love everything about you?

I love your kind heart and nurturing spirit.

I love your ambition and your strength.

I love your versatility and all your unique gifts.

I'm memorized by those eyes.

I'm entranced by those lips, dips, and hips.

Let me stop.

I'm gushing.

 I'm in awe of you.

You got me blushing.

I didn't mean to drone on about the outside of you.

Their's just something about you that draws me to you.

You exude regality.

Your stylish without even trying.

I love you in all  different flesh tones. 
 From the darkest of the dark to the lightest of the light and everything in between. Your all queens and I'm not lying.

My sistah.

My Nubian queen.

You are the epicenter of the universe and creator of all things.


Fierce goddess.


Sultry vision of loveliness.

Delicate flower. 

Your beauty holds no bounds.

Your mind holds secretes that can not be deciphered  by man.

I am forever in debited to you.

I will forever try my best to uphold you.

Respect our queens.

Let that law echo all through out this land.


I love you.

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Bring on the shade.

Bring on the backlash.

Bring on sideward sneers.

Bring on whispers.

Bring on eye rolls.

Bring on the deep sighs.

Bring on all the ridicule.

Bring on the shaming.

Bring on the blaming.

All things  hold no meaning for me my friend.

For I know a place the table is being prepared for me.

Talk about me behind my back while my king blesses me before your eyes.

All the mud your slinging won't stop me... but it makes you feel better go ahead and try.

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HLH © 12/26/19 

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Stand on it.

Nobody ever said it as going to be easy.

Nobody ever said they would understand.

When none stands with you... stand anyway.

If they won't help you then find your own way.

If they don't agree with you then let them continue to say what they say.

Stand firm.

Take adventurous strides.

Enjoy the resentment.

Savor the persecution.

Relish the backlash.

If you believe strongly in something never back down.

Hold your ideals firmly.

Stand your ground.

If all they want is an argument then let them be.

Hold your stance maturely.

Agree to disagree.

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Forever grateful

My attitude is gratitude.

I'm forever grateful.

I'm grateful that I woke up to see another day.

I'm grateful for  my dreams.

I'm grateful for my ambitions.

I'm grateful for victories.

I'm grateful for my losses.

I'm grateful for   all that I have now and everything that I know is on the way.

I'm grateful I have people that love me.

I'm even grateful for the people that despise me and despitefully  attempt to use me.

I'm grateful for all life's teachable moments and random mishaps.

I'm grateful that I can endure that.

I'm grateful that I have the opportunity everyday to become more free.

I'm grateful  each chance I receive to become a better version of me.

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Welcome to the poetry corner

Off the top.




Completely free from contemplation.

Instinctive moves.

Uncalculated execution.

Flowing with charisma.

Trusting vibes.

Fear on mute.

Letting  it ride. 

My creativity holds no bounds.

From mind to the pad.

Channeling celestial sounds.

I don't write poetry .

My art creates its self.

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Thursday, December 12, 2019

We need answers

Extra Extra read all about it!

Oh wait. I didn't.
I don't remember it staying in the news for too long.

I vaguely remember it all.

75k missing black women and children and the numbers increase weekly.

Isn't that news?

Do they matter at all.

Are we so consumed with celerity tea that we can't see straight.

Nearly one million people missing.

No leads.

No clues.

No assurance about something being done.

Do have to bought to the brink of extinction before the problem is acknowledged?

Tell me what this means for us.

Let me know our fate.

Show me a sign.

Give me answer.

I'll wait.

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Sometimes the tie that binds needs to be severed.

When you give and give and they take and take you have to walk away.

No explanation necessary .

No apology required.

Its been a slow build up.

You know the pattern.

They hurt you then  apologize.

Then they turn around and hurt you again.

That's not love.

That's not being a good friend.

You have two choices you can either  hold on and continue to hope they straighten up or pack it in and chalk it up to enough is enough.

When the well runs dry it's nearly impossible to quench your thirst.

When your walking down the path of companionship remember to always choose you first.

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HLH 12/12/19©

keeping it real?

What's keeping it real?

Is it being the loudest in the room.

Is it telling someone off when they never had a clue they did something to upset you.

Is keeping it real going out your way to ruin someone else's day?

Is keeping it real quarreling with someone that doesn't see it your way?

When you keep it real does only your opinion matter?

To be truthful.

To be quite frank.

Your perspective is dismal.

Your assessment is dank.

To keep it real you must have a genuine heart.

You must have an authentic tone.

If your not really real then just leave it alone.

Real recognizes real.

Unpack that.

Let it sizzle on your bones.

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HLH 12/12/19©

Thursday, December 5, 2019

You probably like me.

I got you lost in thought.

I got you wondering about my inner most thoughts.

You want to hang out to find out what makes me tick.

Your wondering am I the truth or am I delusional or sick.


You probably like me.

You love my art.

You feel those vibes.

I'm too much.

I'm just right.

Yeah admit you like.

You know what it's alright.

Not sure quite how you found yourself here.

I'm not up to snuff with your career or current life goals.

But your loving the journey.

You know I'm worthy.

I make wildest inhabitations soar and flight.

I make you feel like theirs's nothing outside the realm of possibility with me.

You back off because you know they would never understand.

I hate to break it you kid.

You like me.

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to chase?

Nobody likes getting shot down.

Nobody likes getting embarrassed.

Don't want to live with not being their cup of tea.

You have to  know though.

Put it out in the universe.

Let them you would to spend some time.

Play it cool. (but not too cool)

Show your interest not your thirst.

Make a move.

Somebody has to go first.

It might as well be you.

Put something on their mind and let them follow suit.

The hunt is an adventure.

The chase can be painful or thrill.

It's really up to you.

You know how you feel.

Now what are you going to do?

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winners circle.

Walk with convection.

Live with content.

Don't dwell on any time spent.

It all has a purpose.

All the dots are connecting.

All the pieces are beginning to fit.

So close now.

Stay diligent.

Your in the perfect space.

Enjoy the journey.

Embrace the detours.

Your work's not going unnoticed.

Victory is almost yours.

Respect the hustle.

Savor the grit.

Hard times make you.

Don't let the pressure break you.

The universe is setting you up for the win.

After you trot your victory lap it'll be time to do it all over again.

You may start rocky but you'll finish strong.

Don't worry about how many times you trip.

Don't worry about how many times you stumble.

Don't worry about how many times you fall.

Don't worry about failing.

Don't worry about being wrong.

Walk your walk .

Live your truth.

Move at your own pace.

It feel like your never your to get to the finish line.

The journey may feel way too long.

Keep ruining any way.

Just finish.

Finish strong.

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