Sunday, January 29, 2017

What love's not.

Looking for love in all the wrong places.
Looking for love.🎼🎡🎢.
Every sentient being on the planet longs for it.
Desires it.
Requires it.
seeks it.
begs for it.
prays for it.
lusts for it.
But what is it?
What is love?
I don't think anyone has the foggiest.
I definitely am not qualified to identify or philosophize about it.

 However ; I am apt enough  to say what it's not.

It's not two people telling each other I love you.
It's not a slow dance.
It's not a soft kiss.
It's not the candy and flowers.
It's not a moon lit walk.
It's not an early morning text.
It's not mind numbing sex.
It's not .
It's not sticking a label on a purposed  arrangement of intimate time sharing.
It's not placing limits and conditions on the quality of caring.
It's not telling a person who they are not allowed to show love to.

It's not trying to control how much love the other person gets to show.
it's not making person feel bad because they don't love you in the the way you love them.

It's not sterile.
It's not one single monotone track.
It's not that early morning text.
It's not that funny feeling you get when you think of them.
It's not any cliche thing would read in a book or see in a movie.
It's not expecting a person to be more than what they are just in order to make you feel special.
it's not.
It's not painless.
It's not draining.
It's not time consuming.
It's not.

Well what the hell is love then?

One day mankind will have a clue.

If you truly love someone though.....
The one thing it can never be about is


Friday, January 6, 2017

How can i walk in love?

How can I walk in love while I'm surrounded by hate?

It's lurking around every corner.
Lying in wait.

Waiting to pounce.

Ready to consume me.

Ready to make me loose my composure.

Ready to overwhelm me and make me loose sight.

Ready to rob me of my peace and drain me of my light.

How can I walk in love while I'm surrounded by hate?

It's hard to turn a blind eye to it.

Nearly impossible to turn a deaf ear to it.
Darkness is all I see.
Wickedness is all I hear.

How can I walk in love while I'm surrounded by hate?

I came too far to fall flat.

How  I walk in love while I'm surrounded by hate?

I know how.

I'll refuse to let the beast from within win.

I'll command  my own fate.

Love is in the drivers seat.

Hates just going to have to wait.

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