Monday, March 4, 2013

Fresh take

I’m taking it all in.

Seeing old sites through fresh eyes.

I have a new foot hold on an old trail.

A fresh invigorating breeze going through my old worn sail.

My heart is softening.

The brittle malice is crumbling.

Confusion now stands fast and my soul has now ceased wandering.

I’ve felt glory but knew not of victory.

Peace was rumor.

And joy a mystery.

Pain is now a memory.

Suffering has no definition.

Torment now deserves no mention.

Serenity and calm deafen scorn.

I’m clean.

I’m whole.

I’m revamped with a new glee.

I am new version of an old me.

Hallzies poetry corner. Poetry for all occasions. Poetry with a passion copyright 3/4/13 HLH