Friday, March 26, 2021

Same team

I'm not here to fight with you.

I'm not the ops

I  don't want your life.

I don't  want your spot.

I'm not jealous of you.

I don't want anything you got.

Believe it or not I'm rooting for you to win. 

I face the same perils you do.

I'm under the same pressure you are.

I'm plugged into the same machine.

Different outlook.

Different upbringing.

Same team.

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HLH 3/26/21©

helping hand.

 You can do anything but you can't do everything.

You'd take on the entire world if you thought you could  actually win.

While it is indeed true that success starts with doing for self it is ok to ask for accept some help.

Life is full of teachable moments but you'll never learn anything from them if you think you know everything.

Even a genius asks questions.

Even strong men ask for a spot from time to time.

It's ok to push yourself.

Shatter your limits.

Trust in yourself but have the wisdom to know when you need some help.

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HLH 3/26/21©


You always say to keep it real but the truth is that you don't really mean it.

You don't want the raw.

 You want it watered down and easy to take.

You live for those sweet little white lies.

You to always be to told how good you are, how nice you look, how sharp you dress.

The truth is no one could care less.

You want be  swept off your feet.

You want to be showered with compliments.

Being told your good isn't good enough for you.

You want to be flattered.

You want someone to be overwhelmed and thourghly impressed.

You want to be patronized.

You want to be finessed.

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Poetry for all occasions. ™

HLH 3/26/21©

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Lights out

It was once a mere beacon.

It shone brightly.

It was incandescent.

It was fleeting.

It was once beaming.

It has now been reduced to a mere flicker.

It slowly got doused. 

It won't be long now until it completely burns a the way out.

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HLH 3/18/21©️

Love it

Put some love in it if you want it to taste better.

Love unsparingly  if you want to stay together.

Put love in to achieve the desired effect.

Put some love in it even on your last breath.

Love truly conquers all.

Do it with love or don't it all.

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HLH 3/17/21©️

Not feeling you

You feel me?


No I don't feel you.

I don't feel your struggle.

I don't your struggle.

I don't feel your pain.

Your not making it plain.

All your saying is you feel me.

What am I supposed to feel exactly?

How am I supposed to feel any sort of recompense?

Break it all the way do for me.

Make it make sense.

Make it plain.

I don't know what your saying.


I don't feel you.

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HLH 3/13/21©️

Thursday, March 11, 2021


 I might not say it all the time but your always in my heart and on my mind.

I'm your biggest fan.

I always want to see you win.

I don't want to ever forget or deny your gift.

Your special.

Your unique.

Your destined for greatness.

You are the one.

I see it all over you.

This is a fact.

I may not show it but I admonish you.

You are worthy of all the praise.

May you live long and prosper for all your days.

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No way.

 You can give some people your all but that still won't be good enough for them.

If  you give them this they'll want that.

Their is litteraly no pleasing people like that.

So when you encounter  these types of individuals use the power no.

 Just tell them no flat out.

Say no with no remorse or empty feelings of doubt.

Say no until your voice goes horse.

No,I will not take you.

No, I will not wait for you.

No, I will not cosign for you.

No, I will not endorse you.

No, I will not support you.

No, I will not give you my all my time.

No, I will not listen to you vent.

No, I will not organize your life.

No, I will not lend.

No, I will not get in between that.

No, I'm not jumping in your fight.

No, I don't have time to hear your plight. 

No, your not my top priority. 

Learn to say no unapologetically. 

They didn't appreciate all the times you did not.

Say no and walk away.

If they have a problem with that then let them rot.

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HLH ©️ 3/11/21


Time enigma

Contrary to all unpopular belief I do not heal all wounds.

However I do march on even if you stand still.

You can waste me frivoulsy or utilize me wisely.

Some people loose the plot because they refuse to take me.

I move differently from to region to region.

I am a constant.

I am ever lasting.

I never stand still.

I never change.

I'm not a magician but I can vanish in the blink of an eye.

What am I?

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HLH  3/11/21©️

Thursday, March 4, 2021

I don't care.

I don't care.

I'm less than impressed.

I don't have time for foolishness.

I have no time for mess.

I really do not care.

If doesn't pay my bills I could care less.

I don't care who said what and what's going on over there. 

I truly don't care about the latest tea.

Gossip doesn't fly or set well with me.

I don't care about your house,your car, your jewelry.


Good for you.

What's that have to do with me? 

I definitely don't care about nobodies talking about me.

It's actually makes me feel pretty good that I occupied a space in their minds.

I gave them something to talk about with their worthless behinds.

I don't care about who said what on reality T.V.

I mind my own business.

I worry about me.

Yes, I have principles.

Yes, I have social concerns.

I speak up on them and stand up for them when I need to but all that he said she said is something that I just don't do. 

I don't care.

Don't waste you breath.

If it's not positive or productive I could care less.

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What ever helps you sleep

 You know what what you said.

You know what you did.

Nobody should have to bring it up.

Nobody should have to spell it out for you.

You dismissed it in your mind as soon as did.

You justfied your foul behavior to yourself.

Your cleared yourself of wrong doing.

You can't admit it was your own doing.

You won't admit any fault.

You won't take a damn thing back.

Its your life.

If you like it I love it.

Tell yourself anything you need to hear.

God bless you if your truly ok with that.

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No worries

I'm not interested in your story. 

I pay you no mind.

You don't exist to me.

I have no patience for you.

Your a myth to me.

What ever was was and what ever may be will be.

You don't do anything for me.

That's why can't occupy a space inside my head.

I have no use for you.

I'm worry free.

hallziespoetrycorner. Poetry with a passion. Poetry for all occasions.™️

HLH© 3/4/21