Thursday, March 11, 2021

No way.

 You can give some people your all but that still won't be good enough for them.

If  you give them this they'll want that.

Their is litteraly no pleasing people like that.

So when you encounter  these types of individuals use the power no.

 Just tell them no flat out.

Say no with no remorse or empty feelings of doubt.

Say no until your voice goes horse.

No,I will not take you.

No, I will not wait for you.

No, I will not cosign for you.

No, I will not endorse you.

No, I will not support you.

No, I will not give you my all my time.

No, I will not listen to you vent.

No, I will not organize your life.

No, I will not lend.

No, I will not get in between that.

No, I'm not jumping in your fight.

No, I don't have time to hear your plight. 

No, your not my top priority. 

Learn to say no unapologetically. 

They didn't appreciate all the times you did not.

Say no and walk away.

If they have a problem with that then let them rot.

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HLH ©️ 3/11/21


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