Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The sun is up.

I'm the type of person that takes the time to appreciate the small things in life.

In this life it's a must.

No matter how bad my day is going I just remember that the sun up.

The sun doesn't actually reside in the sky.
The sun is in outer space.

Yet some how when I look up on a clear day I feel it's rays on my face.

The sun stays up.

I could be laying in hospital bed paralyzed but the sun would still rise.

I could be in my death bed about to draw my last breath.
The sun would still rise

I could be down and destitute.

I could be scavenging in dumpsters for my next meal.

The sun still would manage to be up.
No matter what happens in the world the sun will always rise.

I always keep that nugget tucked in the back of my mind.

 The sun is in me.

If it can always  manage to rise then so can I.

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You so tough.
You so bad.

You pose with weapons that have extended clips but you can't buy your new born a decent pair of kicks.

You so tough.

You so bad.

You flash gang signs and yet nobody from the turf has ever heard of you.

You so tough.

You so bad.

You got top shelf bottles in motel express room.

You so tough.

You so bad.

You wearing a ski mask daring all you online haters to bring the smoke.

You so tough.

You so bad.

You got table full of product, money, and the captions reads trap or die.

You so tough.

You so bad.

Let me ask you few a questions?

When was the last time that you actually been in fight?

When was the last time you did bid?

When was the last time you did anything for your community or your kids?

Who exactly are  tying to impress or intimidate?

Who are you trying to fines?

Does your real life match up to the filtered pics you have posted?

What's your purpose for logging on?

Why do you want to show the world this?

Is your instagram presence the truth or packed full of lies?

If it was the truth and not lies you wouldn't bother posting incriminating pictures like that because every real one knows.

Killahs move in silence and gangstas don't advertise.

I'm not a tuff guy or know -it- all.

I'm just a poet( novice poet at that)  with a keen eye and weak stomach for suka ish.

If your really about that life...."ACT LIKE IT"
Stop telling on yourself.

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hlh  ©/23/19

Thursday, January 10, 2019

taping my pen

I'm just setting back tapping my pen.

I tap my pen and let it flow.

I don't interfere with rhythm.

I don't stifle or try to control  vibration.

I just tap.

I tap.

It writes.

Sometimes when I tap it cuts me.

Sometimes when I tap it cuts someone else.

I still tap.

When I tap I never know what will come out until it does.

My pen does the writing.

I just tap it.

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What do you know about it

Its easy to sit back, observe, and comment on another person's situation without any hesitation.

It's real easy.

It's real easy to tell them all the motivational  cliché's.

Tell them to keep a stiff upper lip .

Stay strong.

Keep on keeping on.

Stay positive.

Easy right?

Whole time not knowing what's keeping them up at night.
What's eating away at their soul.

Not fully being aware of just how much physical pain and strain their ailment puts them though and takes them through.

Not so easy now is it.

Tell a homeless person this to shall pass while their out begging for table scraps.

Its easy to tell a person in the financial red that their current situation isn't their final destination .

What do you really know?

How could possibly understand?

How could you relate?

What qualifies you to tell them its never too late?

Sometimes the best advice is a silent sentiment.

A kind gesture can not be measured.

Actions speak louder than words.

It's its okay to sympathize with their plight.

Show them instead telling them it will be alright.


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©HLH 1/1019

Sunday, January 6, 2019

I'll be the one.

Everybody deserves hope.
Everybody deserves compassion.
Everybody deserves empathy.
They world is cruel enough on it's own it doesn't need our help.
But people in suffering from the cruelness do.
I'll be the one to help you get through.
I may not look with eyes.
I might not listen with my ears.
I have my own special way to let you know that I'm here.
I wouldn't call it a gift.
I wouldn't call it a calling.
If I had to call it anything I'd call it just being human.
I'll be that reminder that you still matter.
I'll be that shoulder to lean on.
I'll be that gentle nod of assurance .
I'll the one to find something decent to say.
I'll be the one to bring meaning to your day.
Don't call me hero.
An angle.
or heaven sent.
I'm just here to help you add up your self worth when you feel that you don't have a cent.

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©HLH 01/06/18

our kids

I think about our kids and all the negative stigmas placed on them by society .

I think about all the unfair crosses they have to bear.

I think about all the obstacles they have to overcome. 

They get labeled as lost .




 violent .




criminally insane. 

drug  addicted.

undisciplined .

mentally incompetent.

You'll never make it imagery and subliminal  messages gets aimed as weapons and hurled straight to their subconscious.

Despite all those obstacles our kids find a way to stay conscious. [woke] 

They use their platforms to network and increase their net worth. 
They share information

They demonstrate and spread awareness.

They take action.

They get involved.

When they get together no questions go unanswered.

No problems are left unsolved.

Our kids are graduating at record highs.

Their doing more than just selling drugs and getting high.

They are becoming entrepreneurs.
They are light years ahead of the learning curve.

They are brilliant trail blazers giving this world the change that it deserves.

They bridging the cultural gap.

Every day they break down a new barrier.

They becoming pillars in the community and love giving back.

They have this life thing down.

It's the rest world that needs to get on track.

Salute to the black excellence coming from my young kings and queens.

They do not get enough encouragement from the media so I'm using my platform to  applaud their efforts and lift them up. 


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 (I don't own the rights to the photo)

Friday, January 4, 2019

I'm not sorry.

I realize I've made some mistakes in my life and I've apologized to myself for that.

Now isn't the time for apology though.

It's time to action.

It's time to make a new plan

It's time to take a new path.

It's time to become a new man.

If thought of me improving upon me offends you  in an any way...... I'm sorry I can't apologize for that.

I'm going to be reading different literature.

I'm going to be speaking differently.

I'm going to acting differently.

I'm going to solving problems differently.

I'm going to be developing a different value system.

I'm going to be sharping my mind.

I'm going to disciplining my body.

I'm going to nurturing my spirit.

I'm going to be guarding my soul.

I'm going to be standing firm on my values.

I'm going to be raising my vibrations.

I'm going to be counting my breath.

I'm going to be polishing my craft.

I'm going be elevating.

I'm going to be evolving.

I'm going to be taking a lot of me time and doing a whole lot of falling back.

If any of this sounds like a turn off to you....then that's "your" problem.
This is "my" life

I'm not apologizing for that.

Sorry that I'm not sorry.

I will never apologize for making changes for the better.

I will not apologize for that.

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© hlh 1/4/19


the got cha gottcha

Everything in life comes at a price.

Theirs always a catch -22.

However no one ever takes the time to look for that fine print.
that implied meaning.
terms and conditions.

the ole gotcha got cha.

You buy a brand new house and everything seems fine. then you notice the dividing line.

You notice your house is setting on land you don't "actually" own.

got cha got cha

You finally find the love of your life but none of your or your family seem to like.

In the beginning they are your peak, summit, and plateau.You want to hold them close.

You never want to let them go.

Then the lies start along with the fights.

Too much take.

 Not enough give.

Then you realize that this is no way to live.
You want out but have invested "so" much.

You don't want to go through all the trouble of conditioning your mind and body to adapt to a new persons touch.

Now your stuck.

got cha got cha.

You go school to acquire some new knowledge.

You study and study. You read and read.

Then its graduation time.... you have learned all you need.

The first year out of school you feel like your living the dream.

Your gainfully employed in your field of study.

 Your now  living on life  experiences no longer textbook facts or hypothetical stats.

However, your not earning nearly the amount of what you would need to pay your student loans back.

 got cha got cha.

Your a world class entertainer now. Your world renowned and critically acclaimed. You are highly skilled at your craft.

You worked diligently to get where your at.

You sacrificed sleep and disciplined yourself to do away with internal distractions.

 You didn't let anything stand in the way of perusing your dream.

You've made it now.

So it would seem.

How ever nobody every told you about all the jealousy, lies and deceit that came with it.

All the bullets that would aimed toward the heart with a loved one standing behind the cross hairs taking aim and ready to pull the trigger.

They spread rumors and lead the charge on smear campaigns to tarnish your name. 

They think you owe them something more than childhood memories or your family's  surname

got cha. got cha.

Everything in life comes with this price.
You may feel as though you didn't sign up or deserve to be stuck in that continuous rut.

Don't let the got cha got cha  break your spirit.


Embrace it.

Don't let it harden your heart or loose faith in humanity.

What ever you decide to do  don't fear it.

Be sure to keep in mind that with every level comes a new devil.

That's life's unwritten quid pro quo.

Lesson learned.

Now you know

got cha got cha 😉

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