Friday, January 4, 2019

the got cha gottcha

Everything in life comes at a price.

Theirs always a catch -22.

However no one ever takes the time to look for that fine print.
that implied meaning.
terms and conditions.

the ole gotcha got cha.

You buy a brand new house and everything seems fine. then you notice the dividing line.

You notice your house is setting on land you don't "actually" own.

got cha got cha

You finally find the love of your life but none of your or your family seem to like.

In the beginning they are your peak, summit, and plateau.You want to hold them close.

You never want to let them go.

Then the lies start along with the fights.

Too much take.

 Not enough give.

Then you realize that this is no way to live.
You want out but have invested "so" much.

You don't want to go through all the trouble of conditioning your mind and body to adapt to a new persons touch.

Now your stuck.

got cha got cha.

You go school to acquire some new knowledge.

You study and study. You read and read.

Then its graduation time.... you have learned all you need.

The first year out of school you feel like your living the dream.

Your gainfully employed in your field of study.

 Your now  living on life  experiences no longer textbook facts or hypothetical stats.

However, your not earning nearly the amount of what you would need to pay your student loans back.

 got cha got cha.

Your a world class entertainer now. Your world renowned and critically acclaimed. You are highly skilled at your craft.

You worked diligently to get where your at.

You sacrificed sleep and disciplined yourself to do away with internal distractions.

 You didn't let anything stand in the way of perusing your dream.

You've made it now.

So it would seem.

How ever nobody every told you about all the jealousy, lies and deceit that came with it.

All the bullets that would aimed toward the heart with a loved one standing behind the cross hairs taking aim and ready to pull the trigger.

They spread rumors and lead the charge on smear campaigns to tarnish your name. 

They think you owe them something more than childhood memories or your family's  surname

got cha. got cha.

Everything in life comes with this price.
You may feel as though you didn't sign up or deserve to be stuck in that continuous rut.

Don't let the got cha got cha  break your spirit.


Embrace it.

Don't let it harden your heart or loose faith in humanity.

What ever you decide to do  don't fear it.

Be sure to keep in mind that with every level comes a new devil.

That's life's unwritten quid pro quo.

Lesson learned.

Now you know

got cha got cha 😉

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HLH  © 1/4/2019

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