Tuesday, September 18, 2018


If you don't love her then leave her alone.

Don't make promises to her you know you don't  intend on keeping.

Don't  sit up in her loved one's faces and proudly profess feelings that you don't actually feel for her.

Don't take an oath to keep it real with her.
Don't waste her time.
Save your money and stop buying those lavish gifts.
Stop facetimetiming.
Stop texting and sexting.
Your not playing to win.
Your just playing.
If your just playing the game then explain the rules to her.
If don't love leave her.
Don't stay and mistreat her.
If your that bored get a hobby.
Think of something new you can do for a cheap laugh.
People are real... not toys.
If you know your not for real.


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CR HLH08/18/18

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