Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The art of me

Today I’m off to a fresh start.
I’m leaving tomorrow behind and working on my futures art.
I’m dipping my brush and pushing my pen.
I’m not worried about past blotches nor blunders.
I’m not concentrating on the clocks’ ticking thunder.
I’m creating.
I’m just flowing not debating.
No hang-ups or frowns.
No new cases of the get me downs.
What am I making you ask?
I’ll tell you when I know.
Right now. I'm just enjoying the task.

copyright 11/23/10 HLH

Monday, November 1, 2010

Autum prelude

Now Hear the rustling leaves.

Feel the cool autumn breeze.

Listen closely and you'll hear the wind whisper a tale.

Night sets in and it chimes it's bell.

Nature awaits in readiness as it prepares to sip from life's harvest well.

The elixir will be potent yet relaxing.

Soothing the body from ware and easing the mind from taxing thoughts.

Accepting all that and remembering yet releasing all that has been lost.

Down the frothy brew.

Let it trickle slowly down your pallet.

Savor every sweet and bitter sip.

Let it flush your cheeks and tingle your lips.

Now tilt your goblet and raise your neck to gaze at the dusk drenched sky.

Give thanks to for this blessing.

Kneel and be humble.

Aspire to be great.

Embrace all the seasons miracles.. both great and small

Turn your inhibitions like the color on leaves.

Bare witness to fall.

copyright 11/1/10 HLH

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I paid my dues and earned my place.

I poured salt in my wounds and used blood to wash my face.

I iced my veins to freeze out all taunts

I muffled the sound of my needs and trampled the growth sprits of my wants and desire's

I forged myself in pain's fire

In hopes of reaching and transcending beyond triumph's spire.

Here I stand.

Rolled in ash.

Dipped in fire.

Sharpened to perfection and ready to smite all of life's liars.



Razor sharp.


New foresight and highly evolved.

I'm now cold and calculating.

Free flowing yet impassive.

Impossible to solve.

I've achieved oneness.

I have found a new resolve.

copyright 10/27/10 HLH

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Selfless protector

I stand with no fear.

My mind is free from doubt.

My choice... the warrior's route.

My weapon is truth.
My armor is love.

My pride flows endlessly like the sea.

My longing in life is to be free.

To not be tied down by burden or worry.

To be able to take my time without having to rush or worry.

To protect everyone from life's furry.

To sooth the weary.

To comfort the teary.
To accomplish all my goals and live out all my dreams.

To have harmony in my life before I leave this place.

The trumpet has sounded and the battle is through.
My family.

Although I am no longer here I will eternally continue to fight for you.

Rip Darryl. AKA Down Low.

copyright 10/20/10 HLH

Why sista?

Why do you roll your eyes and neck when you speak?/

Why are you worried what another female has on her feet?

Why do sneer or have your face knotted tight?

Why do you have your hands clinched in balls and ready to fight?

Why do you punish your tiny male version of me?

Why can't you let what lays lie and what is be?
why sista?


Why are you so damn angry?

copyright 10/20/10 HLH

Why Brotha?

Why brotha do you swear so much?/

Why brotha are you quick to anger and even quicker to mistrust?/

Why do speak to your tender flower like a whore?
Why do you think openly expressing your emotions are gay?/

How come when your burden down with problems you turn to the bottle instread of pray?/

Why brotha do you blame the white man for all your short comings in life?/

Why do feel you must kill another to earn your stripes?/

Why is it that you have the craving to sleep with any woman you can find; yet are not truly content until you have bedded mine?/

Why educated brotha do you call me a thug?/

Why older brotha won't you show your younger brotha love?/

Why brotha are you so brazen, so arrogant, so bold?

Why brotha do you lack a zest for life?

Why brotha are you so damn cold?

copyright 10/20/10 HLH


I am flowing yet steady,/ idle yet ready./ I soar highly and cannot be tamed.

My energy is infinaite and cannot be drained. my thoughts are my own./ I face every challenge I meet head on,and will never flee. I claim and conquer my destiny./ for I am free.

(MJ inspired)


I'm like steel./ cold and hard/ I never express how I feel.

flowers bloom/ infant children become fully grown.
time pasees.
season change.

I get older/ and yet reamin unchanged and all alone.

Here I come

She becons unto me./ I respond post haste./ I see my future all over her face./ hypnotic eyes./

Supple lips./tender embrace./enchating kiss. silken hair./ ever so elegant as she glides on.

Currents of air. such poise./ such grace./ you are my idea of perfection./ I want to keep you near and safe at all times./

If I have to ascend a moutain to get to you I will climb.

I've tried to find things that compare to your beauty, yet I have found none.

You radiate beauty like rays of light from the the sun.

You've cast your spell on me./ I bend to your will completely./ If you demand me to be responsible./ I welcome the challenge and will not run.

If you will have me and are in the mood for love. wait no longer./ here I come.

Queen mother

It has been a few years since you've passed.

It's been a few years since I've truly laughed. You gave me so much in life.

yet loosing you still cuts like a knife./ I pray to the lord for strength to make it through the day.

Oh mother how long to hear your voice, taste your delicious food./ even get yelled at by you when your in a foul mood./

You taught me so many lessons about life and pride.
Oh mother how I long to be by your side.

As long as I remain here I'll live life to no end./ make every day count, and all memories last./
I'll be every bit of the man you raised me to be.

I'll tackle all life's challenges with courage, stand tall, and will not flee.

I'll smile every day and remain strong because that is how I know you would want it to be.

Written in (2009 for Queen Rosa Lee Allen feb 14 1954-April 17-2007)

Hallziespoetrycorner:Poetry with a passion. Poetry for all occasions™
© 10/20/10 HLH

You never

You never gave me a chance to love you./

You never let me how you how hard I'm willing to fight for you./

I'd concede that I was wrong even though we both new I was right.

I was faithful and loyal to no end./

A great lover ./

An excellent friend./

It saddens me that I could not make you mine./

I respect your decision and wish well in your new life./

Just remember, If he ever mistreats you./ You know where I'll be.

You'll never have to ask for anything all my love is free./

I'll be here for you though bright skies or stormy weather.

Will I ever leave your side?

No. never.

copyright. 10/20/10 HLH


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I feel the sun's rays beaming on my face.

I long for the day when I can leave this place.

I let my thoughts mist freely like the morning dew.

Inhale freedom, exhale blue.

I know I have a calling yet I see no clear path.

I want to chase it desperately, but also elude failure's wrath.

I want to quaff the sweet nectar of victory.

Silence all that is negative and force them to listen to me, and solve life's mystery.

Then fade softly into lateness, all the while believing and fighting for greatness.

copyright 10/19/10 HLH

My disobidient heart

Told you to stay cold but you burned wildly.

I told you to be still because she didn't matter.

Yet you would not stay still and you shattered.

I mended you over a dozen times.

Why can't you be logical like my mind?

You want what you can not have.

To be blissful, carefree, all the time and never sad. my heart.. oh how you sway me.

Life would go so much smoother if you would obey me.

copyright 10/19/10 HLH


My soul was broken, battered and bruised, My energy was drained and all my reserves were completely used.

Try and try as I might; I just couldn't muster the strength to fight.

I stand here a broken man now; I see no clear victory in sight.

I cry out loud and beg for mercy but there is no one who'll hear my plight.

There's nothing to save me from life's awesome might.

Just when it's looks the bleakest I stand fast and pray, Then I witnessed all the darkness around me slowly fades into day.

My strength has returned so fleeting and new. I am omnipotent now brazen and true.
I no longer fear life's awesome wrath. I am reforged and on a new path.

I am revitalized, reborn reshaped.

copyright 10/19/10 HLH

Monday, October 18, 2010

kill yourself

I'm tired of everything being my fault.

I'm not to blame so why do you want me to feel shame.

Your projecting hate on me for something I did not do.

Don't point the finger at me.

Turn it around and point it at you.

I'm very sorry you feel this way about me.

I've done nothing wrong to you.

I am not the enemy.

I will not keep apologizing for this deed.

I also have feelings.

I too have needs.

So go ahead and hate, roll your eyes,scream, stomp, and ,moan
I'll speak to you again when you feel like acting grown.

Until then.

Leave me the fuck alone!!!

copyright 10/18/10 HLH

let me

Let me heal your broken heart.

Let me mend the wounds that were left behind from agony's dart.

Let me ease your weary mind.

I'll brush away all your tears.

I'll protect you from all your fears.

place your hand over my heart and feel how purely it beats.

It beats slowly, steady and true.

If you let me.

It will only beat for you.

copyright 10/18/10 HLH


Don't say a word because I already know.
I saw you looking.

I sensed your body flow.
I'm aware of your thirst and I'm eager to quench it.

Free your mind from doubt and worry
We have plenty of time no need to hurry.

Let's start off with a simple gaze.

Then work up a lather of moist haze.

Let the juices flow and our bodies pulsate.

Massive grinds and thrusts, keep melding till there is no more you or I only us.

No need to rationalize or make sense of our act.

You yearned. I gave.

Now what's wrong with that?

copyright 10/18/18 HLH

Friday, October 15, 2010


Let me play you a song.

Its too right to be wrong.

Listen to that sound.(drip)

So aromatic. So sweet.

A constant winding rythm.

Calculated beats.

A symphony to behold.(spilsh)

To melodic to resist so all you can do is surrender.(splash)

Quivering interlude.

Pulsating percussion.

Tender agony

Silence. Then pause for the cadence.

Applaud if you like.

Take to heart that when the love is good.

Lightening always strikes twice.

copyright 10/15/10 HLH


Illuminating gaze. Dusk Haze.

Nature's song of life ringing in my ears.

The day has dwindled down to almost nothing.

Confusion mounts. Yet my faith is vast.

I'm slightly refreshed yet still parched.

As twilight looms a glimmer of hope settles and doubt fades.

My path is clear. no need to pretend. I embrace it and embark on it as star dust descends.

copyright 10/15/10 HLH

Mission statement

Ok I started this blog page for my comp 104 class
 some time ago and i haven't really been using it because I really wasn't feeling blogging but now I am.

 It's my goal to write an entire book of poetry and get it published. In order to do that I need feedback.
 I have a Black Planet account and have been posting my poems  on there and i've only recieved like a dozen or so commets, so my game plan on here is to import a few of my pieces from my black planet page and then try to come up with some new material on here. and i'm also gonna do commentaries on various topics.

Anyone who follws me on here enjoy and  please give me feedback.