Tuesday, October 19, 2010


My soul was broken, battered and bruised, My energy was drained and all my reserves were completely used.

Try and try as I might; I just couldn't muster the strength to fight.

I stand here a broken man now; I see no clear victory in sight.

I cry out loud and beg for mercy but there is no one who'll hear my plight.

There's nothing to save me from life's awesome might.

Just when it's looks the bleakest I stand fast and pray, Then I witnessed all the darkness around me slowly fades into day.

My strength has returned so fleeting and new. I am omnipotent now brazen and true.
I no longer fear life's awesome wrath. I am reforged and on a new path.

I am revitalized, reborn reshaped.

copyright 10/19/10 HLH

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