Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Here I come

She becons unto me./ I respond post haste./ I see my future all over her face./ hypnotic eyes./

Supple lips./tender embrace./enchating kiss. silken hair./ ever so elegant as she glides on.

Currents of air. such poise./ such grace./ you are my idea of perfection./ I want to keep you near and safe at all times./

If I have to ascend a moutain to get to you I will climb.

I've tried to find things that compare to your beauty, yet I have found none.

You radiate beauty like rays of light from the the sun.

You've cast your spell on me./ I bend to your will completely./ If you demand me to be responsible./ I welcome the challenge and will not run.

If you will have me and are in the mood for love. wait no longer./ here I come.

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