Friday, November 17, 2017

Hallzies Poetry corner: The comment section

Hallzies Poetry corner: The comment section: How do I feel? My thoughts. My view. My perception. Nobody asked me a question. Just putting my two cents in on the comment section. W...

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I'll take two.

What does taking a knee of solidarity do?

How can that act  show the oppressor our pain and reveal our stressor's without causing harm?

My blood boils.

My heart aches.

How are you going to stand their and look me straight in the face while flashing a crooked smile?

My people are suffering.

We give our 110% and get nothing back.

Our babies are being wiped out at an astonishing rate.

Unequal justice.

Unequal rights.

Unequal pay.

It's not my perception

We "are" living this way.

Everyday we struggle for survival in land that treats us so coldly.

We can never give up.

We must march on boldly.

We will stand together.

We will fight.

We never back down from perusing what is right.

So what will taking a knee do?

It shows how much we've endured and what we have survived through.

It shows our discipline .

It shows our strength.

It shows our honor.

It shows our conviction.

It shows our faith.

It opens up the doors for our other brothers and sisters from different races to protest social injustice with us.

It gives them the courage to  extend the olive branch and kneel with us.

It shows that we are not all so different.

So what's taking a knee do?

It brings us all together at the table of humanity.

I won't take "a" knee though....

I'll take two.

Hallzies poetry corner: poetry with a passion. Poetry for all occasions.
HLH 11/15/17

Sunday, November 12, 2017


Men are not allowed to feel.

It's true.

As soon as we're old enough to speak we are initiated into the gang of manhood.

If it's broken fix it.

If it's creepy kill it.

If it's heavy lift it.

Be a man.

The key carnal rule #1in the man book of life is that feelings are not allowed.

Men are suppose to be macho.

Men are suppose to be rugged.

Men are suppose to be tough.

Get it together.

Get out of your feelings.

Shake it off.

Walk it off.

Stop acting like a little bitch.

You pull a muscle.

Shake it off.

Walk it off.

Stop acting like a little bitch.

Life's got you down.

Don't you dare share your pain.

Nobody cares.

We're not allowed to feel.

Shake it off.

Walk it off
Stop acting like a little bitch.

Loose your job.

Suck it up.

shake it off.

Walk it off.

Stop acting like a little bitch.

Your woman leaves you.

Get over it.

Man up.

Suck it up.

Walk it off.

Stop acting like a little bitch.

You get shot.

Suck it up.

Walk it off.

Stop acting like a little bitch.

We are not allowed to buckle when the weight of the world is crushing us.

We have to keep up a united front when we are spent past our limits.

We can't let our tears flow freely to wash away the heart ache.

We can't  sob loudly when we've taken all we can take.

We have to remain as cold as ice and rigid as steal.

Anything less would be unmanly.

Anything less would be feminine or bitch made.

We are not allowed to buckle.

We are not allowed to cave.

We are not allowed to cope.

We are not allowed to heal.

To be deemed worthy of calling yourself a "real" man you can never ever feel.

Hallziespoetry corner: poetry with a passion. Poetry for all occasions.

HLH. 11/12/17

This world needs a healing

This world needs a healing.

So much hatred and fear diving us.

The darkness is consuming the light deep down inside of us.
We're  over due for a healing.

Toxic thoughts over whelming our compassion and sympathy.

We commit uncaring acts then go on about our way with no empathy.

If the  earth could cry it would be weeping banshee tears.

If it could scream it would be screaming loudly in all our ears.

So many oppressed souls, and devastated dreamers get woken up with harsh realities to face and heavy loads to bear.

God heal this world.

Put a band aid on it.

Nurse the wounded.

Rejuvenate the broken.

Inspire the hopeless.

Reignite the faith to those whom have give up .

The world is over due for a healing.

Heal it now.

The poetry corner: poetry with a passion. poetry for all occasions.
HLH 11/12/17


Thursday, November 9, 2017

The comment section

How do I feel?
My thoughts.
My view.
My perception.
Nobody asked me a question.
Just putting my two cents in on the comment section.
What's the topic?
Let me chime in on it.
Tell the cyber world how great I am.
Display my vast vocabulary.
Hey. I can spell buddy.
It was just a type-o
ohh the comment section.
I log on in hopes of getting my opinion challenged by a moron that couldn't "be" more wrong.
I'm the only one that can be right.
All the celebs give me thumbs ups and likes.
I spend all my free time checking my updates.
I want to see what I missed just three seconds ago.
Ohhh no you didn't just challenge my opinion hoe.
That comment section.
Eat this emoji and shove it up your hashtag.
The comment section is Lit ASF
Don't like it.
Block me then.
I said what I said.
Pull up on me?!!
I'm eight states away do your worst.
The comment section.
I'll write an entire essay and insert my work cited page with a link attached.
Yes, I absolutely care that much about what strangers think.
I live for the clap back.
Roast your profile pic.
Take that complete stranger.
Your so clever in the comment section but in real life people don't get you.
You think people are "actually"  paying attention to you.
Your a social media junkie one click away from O.D.'ing.
You cant get enough.
You think the likes =applause.
In reality, they wouldn't blink if you hiccupped.
Everyone reading your comments wish you would stop typing, log off, and STFU.
The comment section.

The poetry corner: poetry corner: poetry for all occasions.
11/9/17  CR HLH

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Hallzies Poetry corner: The devil's not a liar...You are.

Hallzies Poetry corner: The devil's not a liar...You are.: When   I was young my grandma used to take me to church. Grandma was a very religious and god fearing woman. I loved my grandma ver...

The devil's not a liar...You are.

 I was young my grandma used to take me to church.
Grandma was a very religious and god fearing woman.
I loved my grandma very much.
My fondest memory I had of grandma was her singing an old church hymn.
I can remember her singing it around the house.
Praise him.
Oh I praise him.
Praise him in the morning.
Praise him on the noon day.
Praise him when the sun goes down.
I don't think those were the actual song lyrics though.
[ha ha ]
Oh how my grand mother loved that song.
She used to always sing in church...or as we say in my community chuuuch.
You know; now that I'm older I never realized how dated and cliché that song was.
Now come to think of it there are a lot of cliché words and phrases uttered and spoken in church that have no significant meaning.
He'll do it won't he?
Let your faith be bigger than your fears.
It's already done.
My personal favorite...The devil is a liar.

If you're a Christian that likes quoting scripture verses yeah there might be some half truth to that particular one.
To paraphrase John 10:10 it says the thief comes only to steal kill and destroy.
It really doesn't say anything about the devil lying per se.

No bout he is a thief.
No question that he temps, persuades and casts illusions, spells, magic and  resorts to impish trickery to cause confusion.
I think people give him far too much credit than he deserves though.
The devil didn't make you silently judge others with convicting stares.
The devil didn't force you to brake a promise to your child.
The devil didn't egg you on to loose you cool.
The devil didn't have to try very hard to make you look like a fool.
The devil didn't force you not to tive.
The devil didn't  make you worship your material possessions.
The devil isn't  the sole blame your own spiritual undoing.
The devil is not responsible for you leading your own people into ruin.
You can't blame the devil for you hording God's existence and blessings all for yourself.
You can't blame the devil for letting your bible collect dust on your book shelf.
You can't blame the devil for you praying to God only for your self...or worse yet to strike down someone else.
The devil didn't crawl inside your underpants and you perform the lusty happy dance.
The devil isn't responsible for you attempting to shame others because you are ashamed of yourself.
The devil is not the sole blame for your victim mentality.
The devil didn't inflict all of your emotional casualties.
The devil never told to give up before you even try.
So before you attempt to ever udder the phrase the devil is a lie.
Before you ever attempt to correct someone else  before you correct yourself;
look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself
Who am I?
So brother/ sister
We gonna see you at church this Sunday?
[Telling a damn lie.]
The poetry corner:tm Poetry with a passion. poetry for all occasions.
HLH CR 05/20/17

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My letter to Nike.

 Dear Nike,

I know you are just a faceless corporation that just manufactures athletic apparel.

I'd like to take this opportunity commend you for Selecting MR. Michael Jeffery Jordan's likeness 
to promote your sneakers.
I believe the silhouette featured on the product is refereed to as the jumpman. 
It is a most appropriate title indeed.
Because you see, every little boy to ever grip a basketball wanted to jump just like that man.
I bet you never counted on how popular they would become.

I bet you didn't know how many hours working class parents would have spend away from their kids in order to buy just a single pair of Jordans for their children.

You couldn't have possibly known kids would get bullied at school for not owning a pair.

I also don't believe you could have ever imagined that people would start killing  other people just to get their hands on the newest sneaker featuring the jumpman.

There are about 1,200 deaths a year behind your shoes.
Bullets and shrapnel flying.

Blood staining the concrete.

Just to get a pair of Jordans on their feet.

We can not be held accountable for collateral damage you say.

It's not our  responsibility nor concern.

We exist only to supply because the people demand the quality of our brand.

It's not your job to worry about what tiny fishes gets gobbled up in the food chain.
[Oh nooo.]

It's all just stats.
Profit margins.
Boardroom meetings.
Board meetings.
Product placement and comprehensive reports.
I wonder if you tell a parent that just left the ER or funeral parlor about your neutral stance.
Nike I 'm writing because I'd specifically like to know where your heart is.

If you have one does it ache when it hears about the turmoil breaking on the soil of where your company was born.

It should do more than ache.
It should break.

Nike please tell me how you'll even the playing field.
I would know how are going to go about providing jobs, and other opportunities within the communities stricken with this plague of materialism.
Nike do you believe you shouldn't be held accountable in the least for this invisible war erupting all over the streets?
You know why writing you instead of Adidas, or Reebok.
You know as well as I do that those brands have stood the test time but still can't really compete.
I'll bet dollars to doughnuts the most recent person to die over sneakers left the house with your brand on their feet.
I'm trying to slander your companies name.
I'm not trying to hate.
Nike all I want to know is plan to take any course of action?

Any thoughts?

I'll wait.


A poet.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

What love's not.

Looking for love in all the wrong places.
Looking for love.🎼🎵🎶.
Every sentient being on the planet longs for it.
Desires it.
Requires it.
seeks it.
begs for it.
prays for it.
lusts for it.
But what is it?
What is love?
I don't think anyone has the foggiest.
I definitely am not qualified to identify or philosophize about it.

 However ; I am apt enough  to say what it's not.

It's not two people telling each other I love you.
It's not a slow dance.
It's not a soft kiss.
It's not the candy and flowers.
It's not a moon lit walk.
It's not an early morning text.
It's not mind numbing sex.
It's not .
It's not sticking a label on a purposed  arrangement of intimate time sharing.
It's not placing limits and conditions on the quality of caring.
It's not telling a person who they are not allowed to show love to.

It's not trying to control how much love the other person gets to show.
it's not making person feel bad because they don't love you in the the way you love them.

It's not sterile.
It's not one single monotone track.
It's not that early morning text.
It's not that funny feeling you get when you think of them.
It's not any cliche thing would read in a book or see in a movie.
It's not expecting a person to be more than what they are just in order to make you feel special.
it's not.
It's not painless.
It's not draining.
It's not time consuming.
It's not.

Well what the hell is love then?

One day mankind will have a clue.

If you truly love someone though.....
The one thing it can never be about is


Friday, January 6, 2017

How can i walk in love?

How can I walk in love while I'm surrounded by hate?

It's lurking around every corner.
Lying in wait.

Waiting to pounce.

Ready to consume me.

Ready to make me loose my composure.

Ready to overwhelm me and make me loose sight.

Ready to rob me of my peace and drain me of my light.

How can I walk in love while I'm surrounded by hate?

It's hard to turn a blind eye to it.

Nearly impossible to turn a deaf ear to it.
Darkness is all I see.
Wickedness is all I hear.

How can I walk in love while I'm surrounded by hate?

I came too far to fall flat.

How  I walk in love while I'm surrounded by hate?

I know how.

I'll refuse to let the beast from within win.

I'll command  my own fate.

Love is in the drivers seat.

Hates just going to have to wait.

The poetry corner: poetry with a passion  poetry for all occasions.™

HLH© 1/7/17  

Monday, January 2, 2017

I love a real woman

A real man appreciates the natural beauty of a real woman.
He desires her.
He notices all of her flaws and they leave him in total awe.
Nothing on her body is in perfect  proportion or symmetry.
She doesn't hide behind a façade.
The inner workings of her mind is her only true mystery.
I love real women that know they do not have to use their bodily dimensions to gain or keep my attention.(likes to tease me though)
She's unafraid  to go natural.
She's not afraid to post pictures with no make up on.
She's not codependent on designer labels.
She has her own flare.
It doesn't matter if she wears a jogging suits, pants, or a dress.
No matter where she goes she carries herself with finesse.

I love real women with real woman problems.
Real woman insecurities.
Real woman issues.
Real woman goals.
 Real woman pride.
Real woman patience.
Real woman class.
A real woman that can loose herself in the crowd and still be found.
I love real women that don't care about the opinions of others.
A real woman makes her own fun.
A real woman can let her wild side out when she needs to.
A real woman doesn't mind catering to her king.
A  real woman doesn't need a team of besties to follow her into the restroom.
A real woman isn't catty.
A woman gives compliments and builds her sisters up.
The only person a real woman is in competition with is herself.
A real woman isn't influenced by false imagery.
A real woman can't be duped by what the world says is beauty.
Some how just knows.
She just glows.

You can keep those high end  fashion divas.
Instagram models.
No duck lip poses. Please
Spoiled rotten.

You can keep those chicks that couldn't slay if they were getting pulled by a team  reindeer.

You can keep those chicks with an extra long laundry list of what she believes a man should be.

Keep those chicks that find the one every eight months to year.
Banish them all far from me.
They can all disappear.

You can keep those chicks that try to make everything about them.

I don't like those type of chicks.

I do love a real woman.

The poetry corner: poetry with a passion. 
Poetry for all occasions. ™

HLH. 01/02/17 ©