Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I'll take two.

What does taking a knee of solidarity do?

How can that act  show the oppressor our pain and reveal our stressor's without causing harm?

My blood boils.

My heart aches.

How are you going to stand their and look me straight in the face while flashing a crooked smile?

My people are suffering.

We give our 110% and get nothing back.

Our babies are being wiped out at an astonishing rate.

Unequal justice.

Unequal rights.

Unequal pay.

It's not my perception

We "are" living this way.

Everyday we struggle for survival in land that treats us so coldly.

We can never give up.

We must march on boldly.

We will stand together.

We will fight.

We never back down from perusing what is right.

So what will taking a knee do?

It shows how much we've endured and what we have survived through.

It shows our discipline .

It shows our strength.

It shows our honor.

It shows our conviction.

It shows our faith.

It opens up the doors for our other brothers and sisters from different races to protest social injustice with us.

It gives them the courage to  extend the olive branch and kneel with us.

It shows that we are not all so different.

So what's taking a knee do?

It brings us all together at the table of humanity.

I won't take "a" knee though....

I'll take two.

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HLH 11/15/17

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