Thursday, March 4, 2021

I don't care.

I don't care.

I'm less than impressed.

I don't have time for foolishness.

I have no time for mess.

I really do not care.

If doesn't pay my bills I could care less.

I don't care who said what and what's going on over there. 

I truly don't care about the latest tea.

Gossip doesn't fly or set well with me.

I don't care about your house,your car, your jewelry.


Good for you.

What's that have to do with me? 

I definitely don't care about nobodies talking about me.

It's actually makes me feel pretty good that I occupied a space in their minds.

I gave them something to talk about with their worthless behinds.

I don't care about who said what on reality T.V.

I mind my own business.

I worry about me.

Yes, I have principles.

Yes, I have social concerns.

I speak up on them and stand up for them when I need to but all that he said she said is something that I just don't do. 

I don't care.

Don't waste you breath.

If it's not positive or productive I could care less.

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What ever helps you sleep

 You know what what you said.

You know what you did.

Nobody should have to bring it up.

Nobody should have to spell it out for you.

You dismissed it in your mind as soon as did.

You justfied your foul behavior to yourself.

Your cleared yourself of wrong doing.

You can't admit it was your own doing.

You won't admit any fault.

You won't take a damn thing back.

Its your life.

If you like it I love it.

Tell yourself anything you need to hear.

God bless you if your truly ok with that.

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No worries

I'm not interested in your story. 

I pay you no mind.

You don't exist to me.

I have no patience for you.

Your a myth to me.

What ever was was and what ever may be will be.

You don't do anything for me.

That's why can't occupy a space inside my head.

I have no use for you.

I'm worry free.

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HLH© 3/4/21

Thursday, February 25, 2021

B1 energy


Look at me.

I'm so B1

Look at my B1 face.

I keep my mind  focused and attuned to a B1 state.

Yes, I'm B1 great.

I'm not gonna lie sometimes I'm B1 late.

If your threatened or bewildered by the notion of B1 than you can probly never be a freind to me.

I'm fully charged with B1 power.

I'm  dripping with B1 energy.

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Much needed change

I can't always welcome you with opens arms.

I can't always smile at you when your staring at me directly in my face.

I know how badly I need you yet sometimes, I honestly can't stand you.

It's not you.

It's me.

You force me to look at things I do not want to see.

You challenge me to let go of the  things that are hindering me  and weighing me down.

Your like a vegetable to me.

You don't taste very good but your oh so vital for my nourishment and growth.

Your a constant reminder to me of  everything that I am meant to be.

Thank you for helping me become a better version of me.

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HLH©️ 2/25/21


Polish them up.

See how they sparkle and glisten.

They are all unique.

They are all precious.

They are all rare.

However they are not designed to be kept.

Their placed here to behold and to share.

Polish them up.

Make sure you pass around as many of them as you possibly can.

They inspire.

They illuminate.

They teach.

They motivate.

They are never tarnish.

They never lack luster.

They withstand the test of time.

Put them on display for the world to see.

Always be ready to share your precious gems.

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HLH 2/25/21©️

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Awakening in progress

It's happening.

There is a noticeable shift.

The atmosphere is changing

The people are revolting and taking a stand.

We're unifying and refusing to conform to th norm.

We're no longer taking anything at face value.

We're fact-checking the fact-checkers.

We're standing together in solidarity and demanding recompense.

The soil has been stern.

The blinders are being  removed.

The shackles and the yokes be being broken.

The elders and the ancestors have spoken.

 It is time to arise from the ashes and reclaim our birth rights.

No partial payments will be accepted.

The toll will be taken in full.

The fair will be exact.

We are coming out of our slumber and stepping into our own.

We're taking our light  back.

Never again will we tolorate the slaying or settle for less.

The earth is rumbling.

The skies are clearing.

The foundation is cracking.

The season for change is finally upon us.

If  your timid you might be want to hide until everything settles down and fully resets.

You are now experiencing what it feels like when an awakening is in full progress.

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HLH 2/18/21©