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Friday, May 24, 2024

No less


All I can give is what I have.

I can't give anxiety.

I can't give you grief.

I can't give you baggage.

I can't give you turmoil.

I can't give you distrust.

I can't give distractions but I probably can give you a little disappointment and probably some pain.

I can't give sunshine and rainbows all the time.

All I can give is the best authentic me every single day.



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HLH 4/24/24

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Sunday, December 31, 2023

Like that


A lot of people call me loner.

Some say introvert.

They say I live in my head.

I would agree with that 

That's where I want to be.

That's the best place to keep tabs on me.

I stay silent so I don't miss a beat.

I like to listen for messages that not spoken with words 

I'm  observer.

I notice a lot.

I see things and people for what they are.

On the surface I may appear to aloof.

That's only because I constantly embrace truth.

Truth is a cruel mistress at times.

If see as distant it may be because I'm shivering from her icy touch.

I say very little but I do very much.

I'm hard to get a read on.

It's not an accident.

I'm like that by design.

I realized early in life I can't be every one's cup of tea.

You something though 

That's perfectly alright with me.

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War paint


Your hear sirens and explosions every corner you turn.

You walk  cautiously to avoid

 stepping on potential land mines.

Your  heart is racing fevershiouly trying to escape.

You jump at the sound of the wind when it blows.

Your barely able to sleep because you never know when you'll be attacked.

You walk alone while constantly watching your back.

Your circle is small.

You have many acquaintances but no friends.

You often feel like your between a rock and a hard place and you've reached your wits end.

You wonder where it's all coming from.

Who is this asscalent.

Who is your tormentor.

Why do they seem to keep targeting only you.

You keep wondering what you could have possibly done to them to trigger these chains events.

You'd pay anything for hint or clue.

Don't your stain your brain too hard trying to figure this conundrum out.

They enemy is closer than you think.

The you.

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HLH 12/31/23©

hallziespoetrycorner:Poetry with a passion. Poetry for all occasions.™