Friday, June 12, 2015

on our behalf

Excuse me Ms.

Do you have a minute?


I couldn't help but notice you looking so somber.

Looking so sad.

You are much too beautiful for that.
This ain't a come on line.

I'm not trying to push up.

Not trying to analyze you.

Not trying to convince you to leave your other half.

I'm just here to let you know we're not all like that.

Please allow me speak on our behalf.
 I'm sorry for all  the broken promises.

Sorry for all the horrible dates.

Sorry for all the times you had to stay up late wondering where he was.

Sorry for the insensitivity towards your needs.

Sorry for any forced encounters or unwanted touches.

Sorry  that he rejected you.

Sorry that he walked out on you.

Sorry for him not complimenting your beauty.

Sorry for him not trusting you.

Sorry for him not being supportive of you.

Very sorry for any time he may have struck you.

Sorry for all the little boy games.

Sorry for every one tear drop you couldn't hold back.

Sorry for him calling you all those horrible names.

Sorry for him flaunting his infidelity in your face.

I apologize for him not holding you down.

Oh wow.

I'm sorry.

I Didn't mean to drone on like that.
I just had to let you know that we are not all like that.

I had to represent on our behalf.

Thank you kindly for listening to what I had to say.

Take care.
Keep smiling.

Your beautiful no matter what anyone has to say.

Please enjoy the rest of your day.

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