Saturday, May 31, 2014


The rain comes without warning.

You can prepare for torrential rain all you want, but it's still going to storm.

You  may not get completely soaked but you're bound to get wet.

The storm clouds are forming.

Darkness is looming.

Lightning strikes.

It pours down from every direction without any warning.

Each droplet feels like  a tiny dagger inflicting pain.

There is no refuge from this storm.

Then I gather my thoughts and find calm in the midst of the storm's eye.

I muted the thunder.

I dimmed the lightning.

I rebuked the clouds and commanded the rain to flee.

I refuse to let it over power me.


Never again.

No more chaos.

No more pain.

No longer do I tremble at the mere crackle of thunder.

Now I just dance in the rain.

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Aunt dink


Radiant glow.

Fun loving.

Life of the party.

Depend on her to lighten the mood.

She wasn't your average granny.

She liked to groove.

Always a song in her heart.

Always a smile on her face.

She didn't sugar coat anything.

You found that one to put you in your place.

She was the glue that held everything together.

No day would be complete without her cussing and fussing.

Real love all the time.

She was unique..

Yes one of a kind.

Determined to do her own thing regardless of what anyone had to say.

Never seeking approval.

In her eyes all opinions were irrelevant.

She could care less of what you think.

Had to love that in her.

That was everyone's aunt Dink.

RIP. Donna "Dink" Allen.

the poetry corner: poetry for all occasions. poetry with a cr. HLH 5/31/14

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Only a mother.


Only a mother can see without looking.

Only a mother can make you crave her style of cooking.

Only a mother can nurture a spirit to no end.

Only a mother will stand by your side to the bitter end.

Only a mother will defend you, even if your wrong.

Only a mother can give you the strength to go on.

Only a mother will fuss over you.

Only a mother will help you ease the pain of a heart ache.

Only a mother will stay by your side until the fever breaks.

Only a mother can sew that button back on.

Only a mother knows exactly what to say to brighten your day.

A mother's love is unique.

One of a kind.

All similar but not the same.

It can not be compared to no others.

Who can always put a smile on you face?

Only a mother. 

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