Sunday, May 11, 2014

Only a mother.


Only a mother can see without looking.

Only a mother can make you crave her style of cooking.

Only a mother can nurture a spirit to no end.

Only a mother will stand by your side to the bitter end.

Only a mother will defend you, even if your wrong.

Only a mother can give you the strength to go on.

Only a mother will fuss over you.

Only a mother will help you ease the pain of a heart ache.

Only a mother will stay by your side until the fever breaks.

Only a mother can sew that button back on.

Only a mother knows exactly what to say to brighten your day.

A mother's love is unique.

One of a kind.

All similar but not the same.

It can not be compared to no others.

Who can always put a smile on you face?

Only a mother. 

The poetry corner: Poetry with a passion. poetry for all copyrightHLH 5/11/14

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