Monday, October 1, 2012

Congadulations litte sister.

Little sister we’ve been inseparable from day one. Like two peas in a pod.

I was there when mommy bought you home and you drew your first couple of breaths.

I was right by your side when you took your first couple of steps.

Me and you all the way.

The troublesome two. Together through the brightest of bright and the darkest of blue.

I’ve been there looking after you and trying to see you through.

I’ve watched you grow from a child, to a young lady, to a full fledged mother right before my eyes.

I’ve watched you fall and rise time and time again. Never giving up. Never giving in.

We’ve weathered countless storms together, many battles, many journeys traveled. Just you and me.

But today on your special day I have to let you walk this one out alone. Uninhibited and free.
As you stand here today before god, family, and friends closing the book on one chapter ending awaiting the new one to begin.

I just want you to know whatever happens in the middle I’ll still be here at the end.

Congratulations little sister.

Hallzies poetry corner: Poetry with a passion. Poetry for all occasions. copyright 10/11/12 HLH


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Looking at you.

I’m looking at you.

No! Dead at you.

More things than your shapely dimensions have my attention.

I see past your thighs and straight into your eyes.

I’m noticing the reflection of your inner self shimmering off your soul.

Your voice is enchanting. The very fiber of your being is built for romancing.

Your poise. your grace. Everything about you is nothing short of good taste.

Share with me what’s on your mind.

I want to know what thoughts you have about anything.

You've cast your spell.

I’m intrigued. Please tell.

What unlocks your deepest desire? What ignites your fire?

Who are you? Tell me everything from start to finish.

I won’t interrupt. Speak until you are finished.

Fill my cup with your essence so that I may bask in your splendor.

I’ve fought this battle long enough. I completely surrender.

The day like my heart belongs to you. I’m in total aww.

And yes. I’m still looking at you.

Hallzies poetry corner: Poetry with a passion. Poetry for all copyright 9/26/12

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Next

I have but one goal.

I have but one soul.

Life is rapid and burdensome.

Failure always seems to take its toll.

I refuse to give in. and let my spirit dwindle or diminish.

My drive is everlasting and my faith strong to the finish.

As long as draw a breath victory will remain in my grasp.

Surely as flesh is to bone. / Surely as earth is to ash.

I’m unworried about defeat/ I reject pain.

My warriors’ heart echo’s like the thunder before the rain.

My life.

My time.

My struggle.

My sacrifice.

My grind.

My choice is success.

My mind is focused

Forever vigilant.

No fear. No stress.

The struggle will always continue/ so forward I shall continue to press.

No fear of the unknown.

Just always in seek of the next.

Hallzie's poetry corner: Poetry with a passion. Poetry for all copyright 9/11/12 HLH

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

the block

Sirens. broken glass

The block.

Dashed dreams.

Endless Struggle for cash.

The block

Tainted visions.

Corrupted souls.

The block

Temporary gain

Quick loss

The block

Stress and tears.

Worry and fears.

The block

Strength in numbers

Betrayal; by peers

The block

Easy portal in blocked passage out

The block

The block

A path so easy to take yet so hard to shake.

No one ever wins on either side.

Sink or swim

Soar or glide.

The block.

Hallzie poetry corner: poetry with a passion. Poems for all copyright 8/28/12

Friday, July 20, 2012


That light. That illuminating glow

That voice that I hear within

All lone but never by myself

Difficult the task yet I always know I have help

The answer to a problem that I need solved

the calm in the eye of the storm.

Then very reason when I’m most cold I suddenly feel warm.

My strength.

My rock.

My anchor

My tithe

My peace

My serenity

My stride.

My virtue

My lord.

My pride.

The hills may rumble

The valley’s may quake

With your divine mercy

I’ll never be without faith.

Hallzies poetry corner:poetry with a passion
Poetry for all copyright 7/20/12

Monday, June 25, 2012

my shadow

My shadow is the complete opposite of me

Every time I would turn around there it would be.

I say green.

It says grey.

It prefers night.

I love the day.

My shadow forever by my side.

When no one else believed in me, my shadow encouraged me to walk in stride.

My shadow

My shadow.. a small piece of me.

Thanks for all the wild times and the laughs.

My shadow will always be a part of my past.

My shadow has faded but its memory will last.

My shadow.

My truest life-long friend.

My shadow.

I can no longer cast you but I know you’ll stay around until my end.

This is dedicated to my shadow, my cousin, my brother, and best friend

Rip Daryl kinchelow AKA Downlow.

Herald and Derald forever

6-83 to 7-10

Hallzies poetry corner poetry with a passion. Poetry for all copyright 6/25/12

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Punch In

Up at first light.

No time to breathe.

No time to think.

I’ve turned into a machine.

I do not laugh.

I do not blink.

Motivation is low

Morale is even worse.

The only thing that keeps me going is the thought of my family not having to pay for my hearse

At this point I’m not living

I’m merly existing.

I am free in essence yet my mind feels imprisoned.

What is my purpose?

Do I even have a mission?

I once had goals.

Now all I want is a check

My coworkers don’t befriend me.

They view me a threat.

I’m counting the minutes down until my next break.

The boss keeps drilling for a nerve

Yet I do not break.

I’m tired of being just another face.

I want to win.

Until I figure out my next move.

I’ll just...

Punch in.

Hallzies poetry corner.

Poetry with a passion. Poetry for all copyright 5/29/12 HLH 

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Footsteps treading lightly in dark places.

Wind whistling in closed spaces.

What is this void?

Where is this place?

Why do I find myself here so much?

I try desperately to escape but I keep being drawn back to this spot

This dreary murky state.

I’ll never give in

I will continue to fight.

I refuse to t let it extinguish my flame

I will toil endlessly through this pain.

I stand fast and ready for all debris.

No matter how many times I venture back.

I will not stay.

I will not be trapped!

copyright 4/19/12 HLH


Monday, April 9, 2012

Hallzies Poetry corner: Snake Spit.

Hallzies Poetry corner: Snake Spit.: I see your scales. I hear your hiss. I’m watching the way you slither. Stay back! Way back. Don’t bother comi...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Snake Spit.

I see your scales.

I hear your hiss.

I’m watching the way you slither.

Stay back!

Way back.

Don’t bother coming hither.

The venom you secrete is toxic and vile.

I’m in no mood for your sadistic bile.

You slither about pretending to a friend when in reality you’re a foe.

You're retched ,conniving, and backstabbing.

You're the lowest of the low.

Conceal your fangs if you want to.

I’m already on your game.

You’re only delighted when you’re causing pain.

I refuse to get insnared in your coils of misery and fall prey to your hissing lies.

I see you for what you are and nothing more.

So if you’d like to strike go ahead and try.

I’m cloaked in the truth. The anti venom to your lies.

You might as well slither away now, for if you strike.

You’ll surely die!

copyright 4/19/12 HLH

Monday, March 12, 2012

The caged bird

You spread your wings too far apart and flew too close to the sun.

You looked for other ways to live life and saw none.

Now you sit isolated and all alone. All you have is memories and visions of home.

You lie awake restless and wondering when you'll see this place again.

You want desperately for someone to open your cage so that you may flee, to spread your wings again and to be free. Fear not , your day is coming soon.

Take heart to all the lessons you learned in your cage so that when your freedom comes you may bloom.

For freedom is but a state of mind. A cage is just a room.

I dedicate this poem To My father, and all other prisoners and parolees in the U.S penal system.

The worst part is already over brotha's and sista's.

Keep ya head up. All you have to do now is live righteously and you can't fail.

 copy right 3/12/12 HLH

Monday, March 5, 2012


I’m just sitting here cherishing the sunshine

All the while anticipating the rain

Running from loss

Chasing the gain

Showing my strength and pride

Masking my pain

Holden of for dear life trying not go insane.

My thoughts trail off in dew like vapor.

If tranquility is steel.

Then anguish must be paper.

So what to do?

Embrace it or run from it?

It’s not here yet

I’ll think nothing more of it.

copyright 3/5/12