Monday, October 1, 2012

Congadulations litte sister.

Little sister we’ve been inseparable from day one. Like two peas in a pod.

I was there when mommy bought you home and you drew your first couple of breaths.

I was right by your side when you took your first couple of steps.

Me and you all the way.

The troublesome two. Together through the brightest of bright and the darkest of blue.

I’ve been there looking after you and trying to see you through.

I’ve watched you grow from a child, to a young lady, to a full fledged mother right before my eyes.

I’ve watched you fall and rise time and time again. Never giving up. Never giving in.

We’ve weathered countless storms together, many battles, many journeys traveled. Just you and me.

But today on your special day I have to let you walk this one out alone. Uninhibited and free.
As you stand here today before god, family, and friends closing the book on one chapter ending awaiting the new one to begin.

I just want you to know whatever happens in the middle I’ll still be here at the end.

Congratulations little sister.

Hallzies poetry corner: Poetry with a passion. Poetry for all occasions. copyright 10/11/12 HLH


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