Monday, March 3, 2014

Sinners prayer(spoken word)

I started off in church praying daily./

I prayed sincerely./

I prayed with no hesitation./

I prayed out of gratitude./

Then something  happened./

I lost my way./

As I got older I only started praying out of desperation./

I started falling to my knees when it was time to put together that pack./

Praying to god that it was high grade and I would make my profit back./

twerk. twerk./ please god. jump back baby. please come back./

Hallelujah! it cam back./

Yes. A full fledged sinner./ feeling less than blessed./

feeling less than loved./

Feeling less than a winner./

Now consumed by the beast./ fully energized by marijuana smoke contact./ very smooth cognac./

Walking under crossed swords./ Fully inducted into the invisible war./

The only thing that seemed to calm the madding of my mind was the melodic styling's of Tupac Shakur./

I was on the brink of self destruction./ then the lord called me back./

I still got a long way to go./

I have renewed strength./ Blessing him up./

Now lifting up heavenly hands./

I don't think ya'll understand./

I said I'm back./ Lifting up heavenly hands.

So in case you didn't already know or never knew./

God does not like sin./ but he loves sinners and he answers their prayers too.

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