Friday, February 9, 2018


Pictures aren't  always worth a thousands words.

You can see an image clearly and yet be blinded to something staring you right in the face.

Look deeper than the image.

Listen closely to words not being uttered.

To find the truth its imperative that you find the "actual"narritive.

It won't  have a blinking light on the bottom of the page to guide you.

You have mute the distractions.

Loose the extra.

Dampen the innuendo.

What's the soul telling you?

Don't  analyze data.
What's  the soul telling you?

Don't  read body language.

Look deeper than that.

What's  your soul telling you?

Can you hear it?

The answer should be no.

What's your soul telling you?

Feel it.

Believe it.

Be it.

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