Monday, June 25, 2012

my shadow

My shadow is the complete opposite of me

Every time I would turn around there it would be.

I say green.

It says grey.

It prefers night.

I love the day.

My shadow forever by my side.

When no one else believed in me, my shadow encouraged me to walk in stride.

My shadow

My shadow.. a small piece of me.

Thanks for all the wild times and the laughs.

My shadow will always be a part of my past.

My shadow has faded but its memory will last.

My shadow.

My truest life-long friend.

My shadow.

I can no longer cast you but I know you’ll stay around until my end.

This is dedicated to my shadow, my cousin, my brother, and best friend

Rip Daryl kinchelow AKA Downlow.

Herald and Derald forever

6-83 to 7-10

Hallzies poetry corner poetry with a passion. Poetry for all copyright 6/25/12

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