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Sunday, May 1, 2022

No catch.


Everything's not a hustle.

Everything's not a scam. 

Everyone doesn't have a hidden agenda. 

Everything's not too good to be true. 

You've just grown accustomed to people taking advantage of you.

Some people are wicked. 

Some People are ornery.

Some people are mean.

Some people are really foul.

Some people are dishonest.

Some people are phoney.

However, their are many people who are not .

You can't go through life mistrusting everyone.

All you do is be cautious and make sure that you are one of the good ones.

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Monday, March 5, 2012


I’m just sitting here cherishing the sunshine

All the while anticipating the rain

Running from loss

Chasing the gain

Showing my strength and pride

Masking my pain

Holden of for dear life trying not go insane.

My thoughts trail off in dew like vapor.

If tranquility is steel.

Then anguish must be paper.

So what to do?

Embrace it or run from it?

It’s not here yet

I’ll think nothing more of it.

copyright 3/5/12