Thursday, November 9, 2017

The comment section

How do I feel?
My thoughts.
My view.
My perception.
Nobody asked me a question.
Just putting my two cents in on the comment section.
What's the topic?
Let me chime in on it.
Tell the cyber world how great I am.
Display my vast vocabulary.
Hey. I can spell buddy.
It was just a type-o
ohh the comment section.
I log on in hopes of getting my opinion challenged by a moron that couldn't "be" more wrong.
I'm the only one that can be right.
All the celebs give me thumbs ups and likes.
I spend all my free time checking my updates.
I want to see what I missed just three seconds ago.
Ohhh no you didn't just challenge my opinion hoe.
That comment section.
Eat this emoji and shove it up your hashtag.
The comment section is Lit ASF
Don't like it.
Block me then.
I said what I said.
Pull up on me?!!
I'm eight states away do your worst.
The comment section.
I'll write an entire essay and insert my work cited page with a link attached.
Yes, I absolutely care that much about what strangers think.
I live for the clap back.
Roast your profile pic.
Take that complete stranger.
Your so clever in the comment section but in real life people don't get you.
You think people are "actually"  paying attention to you.
Your a social media junkie one click away from O.D.'ing.
You cant get enough.
You think the likes =applause.
In reality, they wouldn't blink if you hiccupped.
Everyone reading your comments wish you would stop typing, log off, and STFU.
The comment section.

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11/9/17  CR HLH

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