Sunday, November 12, 2017

This world needs a healing

This world needs a healing.

So much hatred and fear diving us.

The darkness is consuming the light deep down inside of us.
We're  over due for a healing.

Toxic thoughts over whelming our compassion and sympathy.

We commit uncaring acts then go on about our way with no empathy.

If the  earth could cry it would be weeping banshee tears.

If it could scream it would be screaming loudly in all our ears.

So many oppressed souls, and devastated dreamers get woken up with harsh realities to face and heavy loads to bear.

God heal this world.

Put a band aid on it.

Nurse the wounded.

Rejuvenate the broken.

Inspire the hopeless.

Reignite the faith to those whom have give up .

The world is over due for a healing.

Heal it now.

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HLH 11/12/17


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