Saturday, May 20, 2017

The devil's not a liar...You are.

 I was young my grandma used to take me to church.
Grandma was a very religious and god fearing woman.
I loved my grandma very much.
My fondest memory I had of grandma was her singing an old church hymn.
I can remember her singing it around the house.
Praise him.
Oh I praise him.
Praise him in the morning.
Praise him on the noon day.
Praise him when the sun goes down.
I don't think those were the actual song lyrics though.
[ha ha ]
Oh how my grand mother loved that song.
She used to always sing in church...or as we say in my community chuuuch.
You know; now that I'm older I never realized how dated and cliché that song was.
Now come to think of it there are a lot of cliché words and phrases uttered and spoken in church that have no significant meaning.
He'll do it won't he?
Let your faith be bigger than your fears.
It's already done.
My personal favorite...The devil is a liar.

If you're a Christian that likes quoting scripture verses yeah there might be some half truth to that particular one.
To paraphrase John 10:10 it says the thief comes only to steal kill and destroy.
It really doesn't say anything about the devil lying per se.

No bout he is a thief.
No question that he temps, persuades and casts illusions, spells, magic and  resorts to impish trickery to cause confusion.
I think people give him far too much credit than he deserves though.
The devil didn't make you silently judge others with convicting stares.
The devil didn't force you to brake a promise to your child.
The devil didn't egg you on to loose you cool.
The devil didn't have to try very hard to make you look like a fool.
The devil didn't force you not to tive.
The devil didn't  make you worship your material possessions.
The devil isn't  the sole blame your own spiritual undoing.
The devil is not responsible for you leading your own people into ruin.
You can't blame the devil for you hording God's existence and blessings all for yourself.
You can't blame the devil for letting your bible collect dust on your book shelf.
You can't blame the devil for you praying to God only for your self...or worse yet to strike down someone else.
The devil didn't crawl inside your underpants and you perform the lusty happy dance.
The devil isn't responsible for you attempting to shame others because you are ashamed of yourself.
The devil is not the sole blame for your victim mentality.
The devil didn't inflict all of your emotional casualties.
The devil never told to give up before you even try.
So before you attempt to ever udder the phrase the devil is a lie.
Before you ever attempt to correct someone else  before you correct yourself;
look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself
Who am I?
So brother/ sister
We gonna see you at church this Sunday?
[Telling a damn lie.]
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HLH CR 05/20/17

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