Monday, January 2, 2017

I love a real woman

A real man appreciates the natural beauty of a real woman.
He desires her.
He notices all of her flaws and they leave him in total awe.
Nothing on her body is in perfect  proportion or symmetry.
She doesn't hide behind a fa├žade.
The inner workings of her mind is her only true mystery.
I love real women that know they do not have to use their bodily dimensions to gain or keep my attention.(likes to tease me though)
She's unafraid  to go natural.
She's not afraid to post pictures with no make up on.
She's not codependent on designer labels.
She has her own flare.
It doesn't matter if she wears a jogging suits, pants, or a dress.
No matter where she goes she carries herself with finesse.

I love real women with real woman problems.
Real woman insecurities.
Real woman issues.
Real woman goals.
 Real woman pride.
Real woman patience.
Real woman class.
A real woman that can loose herself in the crowd and still be found.
I love real women that don't care about the opinions of others.
A real woman makes her own fun.
A real woman can let her wild side out when she needs to.
A real woman doesn't mind catering to her king.
A  real woman doesn't need a team of besties to follow her into the restroom.
A real woman isn't catty.
A woman gives compliments and builds her sisters up.
The only person a real woman is in competition with is herself.
A real woman isn't influenced by false imagery.
A real woman can't be duped by what the world says is beauty.
Some how just knows.
She just glows.

You can keep those high end  fashion divas.
Instagram models.
No duck lip poses. Please
Spoiled rotten.

You can keep those chicks that couldn't slay if they were getting pulled by a team  reindeer.

You can keep those chicks with an extra long laundry list of what she believes a man should be.

Keep those chicks that find the one every eight months to year.
Banish them all far from me.
They can all disappear.

You can keep those chicks that try to make everything about them.

I don't like those type of chicks.

I do love a real woman.

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