Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Queen mother

It has been a few years since you've passed.

It's been a few years since I've truly laughed. You gave me so much in life.

yet loosing you still cuts like a knife./ I pray to the lord for strength to make it through the day.

Oh mother how long to hear your voice, taste your delicious food./ even get yelled at by you when your in a foul mood./

You taught me so many lessons about life and pride.
Oh mother how I long to be by your side.

As long as I remain here I'll live life to no end./ make every day count, and all memories last./
I'll be every bit of the man you raised me to be.

I'll tackle all life's challenges with courage, stand tall, and will not flee.

I'll smile every day and remain strong because that is how I know you would want it to be.

Written in (2009 for Queen Rosa Lee Allen feb 14 1954-April 17-2007)

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© 10/20/10 HLH

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