Friday, January 4, 2019

I'm not sorry.

I realize I've made some mistakes in my life and I've apologized to myself for that.

Now isn't the time for apology though.

It's time to action.

It's time to make a new plan

It's time to take a new path.

It's time to become a new man.

If thought of me improving upon me offends you  in an any way...... I'm sorry I can't apologize for that.

I'm going to be reading different literature.

I'm going to be speaking differently.

I'm going to acting differently.

I'm going to solving problems differently.

I'm going to be developing a different value system.

I'm going to be sharping my mind.

I'm going to disciplining my body.

I'm going to nurturing my spirit.

I'm going to be guarding my soul.

I'm going to be standing firm on my values.

I'm going to be raising my vibrations.

I'm going to be counting my breath.

I'm going to be polishing my craft.

I'm going be elevating.

I'm going to be evolving.

I'm going to be taking a lot of me time and doing a whole lot of falling back.

If any of this sounds like a turn off to you....then that's "your" problem.
This is "my" life

I'm not apologizing for that.

Sorry that I'm not sorry.

I will never apologize for making changes for the better.

I will not apologize for that.

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© hlh 1/4/19


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