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Thursday, August 19, 2021



You can always catch more flies with honey.

Try some kinds words and a  friendly smile every once in while.

 Kindness will  help mellow some one with a bitter disposition.

Sometimes the best way to deal with them is to just smile and listen.

It may be tempting to entertain and engage in their rage but try a some kindness.

Try some kindness the next time someone tries to take wind out of your sails.

Try some kindness when all other options have failed.

It may not be effective all time.

In some situations it may not work.

Kindness may not help every single thing but it definitely never hurts.

Try to be kind.

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HLH© 8/19/21

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Check in

Life's all about routine maintenance.

Its nesscary to pop the hood sometimes too see if everything's still running smoothly.

Just take a  moment out to reflect on how you feel.

Breath deeply to see where your at.

Are you ok?

What's the format?

Did that thing really bother you?

You need to know.

Your true feelings won't always be aparent.

They won't always show.

Check on them.

Take inventory.

Make time to sort everything all out.

Find your center.

Create a safe space.

The last thing you need is to slip into a sunken place.

hallziespoetrycorner:Poetry with a passion. Poetry for all occasions ™️

HLH ©️7/22/21

Friday, July 16, 2021

Just remember.

 Just close your eyes and capture this moment in this instance of time.

Do you feel how calm and serene it is right now?

It feels nice doesn't it?

Enjoy this feeling because it won't last long.

A storm is brewing and the minstrels are composing new songs.

The winds of destiny are blowing and it does not  bode well for those that have chosen to forget or worse yet those who are not the least bit concerned with the ongoing plight of the oppressed.

The seeds of revolt are germinating.

There will be another civil unrest.

When it happens again get to higher ground and do not act surprised.

Just reflect, receive, and above all remember.

Remember all the  times that the gavel banged for false injustice.

Remember all the falsely accused.

Remember all the trumped up charges.

Remember every man, woman and child that ever got strung up by a noose and hung from a tree.

Remember how the word picnic came to be.

Remember every piece of land ever stolen from us.

Remember every lie ever told to us about us.

Remember slavery.

Remember Tuskegee.

Remember Jim crow.

Remember cointelpro.

Remember redlining.

Remember chem trails.

Remember Flint.

Remember Tulsa Oklahoma.

Remember Merger.

Remember Fred.

Remember Bobby.

Remember Malcolm.

Remember Martin.

Remember Emit.

Remember Mike

Remember Tamir.

Remember Freddie.

Remember Sean.

Remember Eric.

Remember Philando.

Remember Sandra.

Remember Rhogena.

Remember India.

Remember every dereliction of duty.

Remember every loan, bail, and opportunity denied.

Remember every tear shed from a black parent as they were told their child died.

Remember all these injustices as the tension slowly mount.

Remember how you benefited from it or stood ideally by as it was happening right in front of you.

Remember how each soul felt before the first blow was delt.

Remember all the shrieks of pain from the past.

Remember all those things as you gaze upon the rumble and the ash.

Remember how we groveled

Remember how we begged.

Remember how we pleaded.

Remember how we confided in you and the way we vented.

Remember if you would have only done "something" this could have all been prevented.

hallziespoetrycorner: Poetry with a passion. Poetry for all occasions ™️

HLH©️ 7/16/21

Friday, July 9, 2021

Listen up

 Sometimes people don't want answers.

Sometimes they don't need truth.

Sometimes logic isn't required.

Sometimes no feedback is exactly the remedy they seek.

Sometimes they just want to open up to an ear kind enough to hear.

hallziespoetrycorner: Poetry with a passion.Poetry for all occasions.™️

HLH©️ 7/9/21

Thursday, March 4, 2021

I don't care.

I don't care.

I'm less than impressed.

I don't have time for foolishness.

I have no time for mess.

I really do not care.

If doesn't pay my bills I could care less.

I don't care who said what and what's going on over there. 

I truly don't care about the latest tea.

Gossip doesn't fly or set well with me.

I don't care about your house,your car, your jewelry.


Good for you.

What's that have to do with me? 

I definitely don't care about nobodies talking about me.

It's actually makes me feel pretty good that I occupied a space in their minds.

I gave them something to talk about with their worthless behinds.

I don't care about who said what on reality T.V.

I mind my own business.

I worry about me.

Yes, I have principles.

Yes, I have social concerns.

I speak up on them and stand up for them when I need to but all that he said she said is something that I just don't do. 

I don't care.

Don't waste you breath.

If it's not positive or productive I could care less.

hallziespoetrycorner:Poetry with a passion.Poetry for all occasions ™️