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Saturday, September 24, 2022

Do not disturb


If your not pouring into me then your draining me.

If your not being a compliment to the experience that is me then you are complicating me.

If you not inspiring me then you distracting me.

If you don't believe in me then leave me.

My path is righteous and course is clear.

If you can't aide and assist me then  disappear.

I have a vision.

Close your eyes if you do not want to see.

I need love that is sincere.

If don't understand the assignment then please just disappear.

Leave alone and let me be.

I don't need your sympathy.

All I need is authentic 

L-O-V- E.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

No regrets.

It didn't turn out the way I planned it but it happened anyway.

I'm over what if.

I past if only 

I accept what is.

No need to examine the broken shards. 

Its over and done.

I suffered a defeat but in that I know a victory can still be won.

The circumstances were beyond my control.

I no longer fear the word loose.

I have a new to  plan.

I have a new perspective.

I make my own rules.

I choose.

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HLH 8/23/22

Thursday, August 11, 2022



Some situations can be solved by letting themselves solve themselves.

Everything doesn't require an initiate response.

Less is always more.

Avoid the conflict.

Avoid the battle.

Avoid the war.

Let peace fill you.

Let peace guide you.

Choose it consistently and the better off your life will be.

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HLH© 8/11/22

Friday, May 27, 2022



Silence is golden and you have the ticket.

Don't waste words get right to it.

Your eyes already told me your story and you already new it.

I that glimmer.

I felt that pull.

It mutual from the start.

Twin flame.... perhaps.

More like destiny.

You don't even have to ask.

Everything is already.

 road mapped and set to motion.

You have my attention and eternal devotion.

Nothing you share with will ever leave my lips.

We are same journey just aboard different ships...for now.

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HLH© 5/27/22

Wednesday, May 18, 2022




It's all in the approach.

It's just what you say but it's how you say it.

 Taste your words before you spit them out.

You attract my flies with honey.

Your disposition can be gloomy or sunny.

It's all in the approach.

Approach friendly.

Approach wisely 

Approach with caution.

Approach with care.

Approach warmly.

Approach confidently.

Approach from a place of enlightenment.

Approach with mild concern.

Practice how your approach others.

It will soon be your turn.

It's all in the approach.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2022



Promises promises promises.

You say one thing and then do another.

You say want to change but your actions show otherwise.

You keep running with the same crowd and speaking the same speak.

You said you would start ASAP but it's already been a week.

If it's not this it's that.

You have more excuses than the allows.

You blamed everybody you could possibly blame.

Who's left now?

I understand hard times.

I understand setbacks.

I understand loss.

I understand short comings.

You  check none of those boxes.

All your doing is running.

If want things to turn around you need to stop.

Make plan.

Stick to it.

Follow through and stay true.

As soon as you do that you'll rise to the top.

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HLH© 4/5/22

Sunday, April 3, 2022



Say it your chest.

Affirm it with your mouth.

Walk big.

Stand proud.

Be courageous.

Don't settle.

Don't buckle. 

Double down.

Talk your talk.

Go hard or go home.

Cease this opportunity.

Claim your throne.

Embed your mark.

Keep your poker face ice cold 

Deliver your message in any style you need to just be bold.

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HLH© 4/3/22


Tuesday, March 22, 2022

No rush

Slow down before you get a ticket.

Your moving way too fast

You may want it ASAP but if you get it, it probably won't last.

Take you time.

Stop and smell the roses.

Take your time and do it right.

Savor the flavor.

Instant gratification is only temporarily satisfying.

It's always greater later.

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HLH© 3/22/22

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Wednesday, March 9, 2022


I'm  going to get past you one way or another.

If I have to sneak around you to get inside that's exactly what I'll do.

If I have to knock you down then I'm going to knock you down.

I'm blowing those gates wide open!

You no longer get to decide.

You no longer get to dictate who gets in.

This is now officially "my" show.

I get VIP treatment from here on out.

Your fired.

You have to go.

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Monday, March 7, 2022


My cup runneth over, but yet I still feel parched.

I feel like a lingering  thought.

I feel like an incomplete dish.

Something is definitely missing.

I've tried to fill it with religion.

I've tried to feel it with art.

I've tried to fill it with romance. 

I've tried to feel it with danger.

I've tried to fill it with charitable deeds.

I tried to fill it with idle games.

I've to fill it with random hobbies.

I've even tried to fill it with lust.

Never the less I will feel and emptiness. 

It's cold.

Feels so desolate.

It feels so bleak.

Am I just remain searching for all eternity.

Will I ever be whole?

Will I ever be fulfilled?

Will I ever be complete?

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Thursday, March 3, 2022



You were an incomplete thought.

A vision of what may have been.

I don't  know why it turned out this way.

I blamed myself.

I even cursed God for a  spell.

I was looking for answers.

I was looking for someone to blame.

I only had one job and was to protect you.

You'll never feel what is like to grow.

I'll never see you take your first step or hear you speak your first words.

All I have is memory of what may have been.

You never even got to draw your first breath.

I will remember your spirit for eternity.

I will forever mourn that lost part of me that never got to be.

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HLH© 3/3/22

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Friday, October 22, 2021


Your worrying about things that haven't even happens yet. 

Yes, it could go wrong but it could also go right.

Trust the process.

The battle is indeed adjoined but it is not your fight.

Let the universe work it out.

Stop stressing over situations that you can not control.

Take a deep breath and let it all go.

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HLH© 10/22/21


Saturday, October 16, 2021

Newly aquainted

Why are you so shocked?

Why's it so hard for you to believe this?

It's been happening for quite awhile...right in front of your face.

You liked me better when I weak and needy.

You liked me better when I clingy.

You like me better when I used to hang on your every word.

News flash.

I never needed your pity.

I never needed your time.

You just didn't bother to notice.

I'm not acting brand new.

I'm behaving strange.

I've always been assertive like this.

I just held back for you because your not use to change.

I'm done watering myself down.

I'm no longer concerned if come across as too much.

If that bothers you then I think you know what you should do.

I'm not slowing down ever again.

Keep in touch.

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HLH© 10/16/21

Friday, September 17, 2021



Minor setbacks set the scene for major comebacks.

I fall down seven times and stand up eight.

I don't let the roaring storm determine my fate.

I refuse to dwell on what once was.

 I only have time to focus on what is.

Regardless of the circumstances I choose to face my chances.

I embrace my struggles.

I welcome my plight.

No matter if I my choices or wrong or right.

I may buckle but I will stand and fight.

I may get battered.

I may get broken.

I may even get reduced to tears tears.

Whatever happens I will find a way to persevere.

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Let it guide you.

Let it 
 inspire you.

Let it motivate you.

Let fuel your desire.

Let it ignite your passion.

Let aide you on your path.

Never let it's spirit leave you.

Never loose sight of it.

Let it's warmth from it's glow reside deep inside you.

Whatever you do make sure to not allow it to consume you.

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HLH © 9/17/21

Thursday, August 19, 2021


You pray and pray until your knees become chapped.

You give and you give until you collapse.

You train and train until your muscles ache.

You read and study until your head throbs.

You shop and spend money erratically.

You need big houses, fancy cars and the best of anything money can buy.

You eat until your beyond full.

You bounce from one meaningless fling to another.

You don't show your affection you crowd and smother.

You curiosity is never safatisfied.

Your not content with anything.

Nothing you do is never enough.

Your like a balloon with a hole in it.

You'll never be filled completely up.

You keep trying to fill your empty space.

You keep missing the piece of yourself staring you right in your face.

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HLH © 8/19/21


Thursday, July 29, 2021

Figure it out


Take a deep breath.

Don't stress.

You have plenty of time.

Play it out in your mind one step at time.

Remove all your anxiety.

Quite all your doubt.

You have the help and resources you need.

You can and will figure it out.

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HLH©️ 7/29/21

Thursday, July 22, 2021


All smiles aren't friendly.

Every one in your circle isn't who they claim to be.

 Be more selective of who you choose to share things with.

Some people that claim they love secretly want to see you fail.

They'll give praise to face and secretly be plotting to take wind out of sails.

Just be silent and let them talk.

They will eventually reveal themselves.

Its better to walk alone than recieve false help.

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HLH ©️ 7/22/21

Check in

Life's all about routine maintenance.

Its nesscary to pop the hood sometimes too see if everything's still running smoothly.

Just take a  moment out to reflect on how you feel.

Breath deeply to see where your at.

Are you ok?

What's the format?

Did that thing really bother you?

You need to know.

Your true feelings won't always be aparent.

They won't always show.

Check on them.

Take inventory.

Make time to sort everything all out.

Find your center.

Create a safe space.

The last thing you need is to slip into a sunken place.

hallziespoetrycorner:Poetry with a passion. Poetry for all occasions ™️

HLH ©️7/22/21

Friday, July 16, 2021

Just remember.

 Just close your eyes and capture this moment in this instance of time.

Do you feel how calm and serene it is right now?

It feels nice doesn't it?

Enjoy this feeling because it won't last long.

A storm is brewing and the minstrels are composing new songs.

The winds of destiny are blowing and it does not  bode well for those that have chosen to forget or worse yet those who are not the least bit concerned with the ongoing plight of the oppressed.

The seeds of revolt are germinating.

There will be another civil unrest.

When it happens again get to higher ground and do not act surprised.

Just reflect, receive, and above all remember.

Remember all the  times that the gavel banged for false injustice.

Remember all the falsely accused.

Remember all the trumped up charges.

Remember every man, woman and child that ever got strung up by a noose and hung from a tree.

Remember how the word picnic came to be.

Remember every piece of land ever stolen from us.

Remember every lie ever told to us about us.

Remember slavery.

Remember Tuskegee.

Remember Jim crow.

Remember cointelpro.

Remember redlining.

Remember chem trails.

Remember Flint.

Remember Tulsa Oklahoma.

Remember Merger.

Remember Fred.

Remember Bobby.

Remember Malcolm.

Remember Martin.

Remember Emit.

Remember Mike

Remember Tamir.

Remember Freddie.

Remember Sean.

Remember Eric.

Remember Philando.

Remember Sandra.

Remember Rhogena.

Remember India.

Remember every dereliction of duty.

Remember every loan, bail, and opportunity denied.

Remember every tear shed from a black parent as they were told their child died.

Remember all these injustices as the tension slowly mount.

Remember how you benefited from it or stood ideally by as it was happening right in front of you.

Remember how each soul felt before the first blow was delt.

Remember all the shrieks of pain from the past.

Remember all those things as you gaze upon the rumble and the ash.

Remember how we groveled

Remember how we begged.

Remember how we pleaded.

Remember how we confided in you and the way we vented.

Remember if you would have only done "something" this could have all been prevented.

hallziespoetrycorner: Poetry with a passion. Poetry for all occasions ™️

HLH©️ 7/16/21