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Saturday, November 19, 2022

Not that deep


What are you so angy about?

Do you even really know?

Is because you couldn't get the last word or it just didn't pan out?

Look deep inside and assess the plot.

Take  a deep breath and take moment to be grateful for your nots.

Your not dead.

Your not starving.

Your not disabled.

Your not diseased.

Your not alone.

Your not in danger.

Your not in need.

Forgive yourself for making that mistake.

Forgive them as well for they were not fully  aware  of their slight.

Don't hold on to it.

It's hurting you more than you can possibly know.

Stay rooted in love.

Let yesterday be yesterday and anticipate and thankful for the opportunity to be given a new  day.

It's perfectly alright to dwell in the house of anger from time to time but just don't plan on making it a permanent stay.

Let that hatred go before you drape the covers over yourself as you prepare to go to sleep.

The only thing that matters is your own well being.

Nothing else is all that deep.

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Sunday, April 3, 2022



Say it your chest.

Affirm it with your mouth.

Walk big.

Stand proud.

Be courageous.

Don't settle.

Don't buckle. 

Double down.

Talk your talk.

Go hard or go home.

Cease this opportunity.

Claim your throne.

Embed your mark.

Keep your poker face ice cold 

Deliver your message in any style you need to just be bold.

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Saturday, March 26, 2022

Rise up

It begins right here....right now.

No more taking all things brought before you at face value.

No believing in fairy tales.

No more flying below the radar.

No more being afraid to rock the boat because you don't want to cause waves.

You have a purpose.

You have a higher calling.

You must secure the and know the information for yourself.

It's alright to ask for help but don't rely on just any vessel.

Don't rely on just any source.

Be fearless in all you take on.

Be assertive.

Be confident.

Know that you are more than enough.

You only limited by what you can by the stars and the sky.

You are chosen.

Your time has come.


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Sunday, February 24, 2019


You want to look fly.

You want to look fresh.

You want the world to know you love to dress in excess.

You want to stay dipped in designer.

You want be the best you that you can afford.

(or even if you can't afford it)

Name brands only.

You don't feel like a king/ queen if all of your labels don't match and say the exact same thing.

You want to color c-oooooordinate.

You want to match all the way down to the socks.

You want to hear those brand new bags crumpling.

You want to hear the sound the tags make when they pop.

It's your money.

It's your time.

You can spend both of them any way you wish.

I just want to know a few things.

How far will you go to obtain it?

How many family functions will miss out on to peruse those brands?

How many entire evenings will  you stay up  clocking?

How strange will you act for some change?

Where do you draw the line?

Can you look at yourself in the mirror after you cash out?

Are your designer labels the only thing you want your cash to be about?

Do feel good about yourself even if your not freshly pressed?

Will everyone in your circle still be there for you if didn't stay fresh to death?

Would they still respect you if you didn't wear designer?

Do you do it for you or are you trying to impress?

It's your money.

It's your time.

You can spend both of them any way that you wish.

I just wanted to know how far you would go.

How much integrity are you willing to sacrifice j in order to look high priced.

If those labels bring you that much joy then please by all means do you.

I just hope that those labels don't define you.

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