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Sunday, April 3, 2022



Say it your chest.

Affirm it with your mouth.

Walk big.

Stand proud.

Be courageous.

Don't settle.

Don't buckle. 

Double down.

Talk your talk.

Go hard or go home.

Cease this opportunity.

Claim your throne.

Embed your mark.

Keep your poker face ice cold 

Deliver your message in any style you need to just be bold.

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Thursday, October 29, 2020

I got me.

You don't see the bigger picture.

You can't grasp my motives.
Your oblivious to my methods.
When you look at me and listen to me all "you" see is madness.
You think I'm a nut.
A weirdo... big time.
You counted me out in your mind and left me for dead.
Well I'm here to let you know that you can go on and go right ahead.
Stay over there with your doubt and distain towards me.
I don't live for your cheers and I'll never cry over your boos.
I don't need your approval or accpetance.
Its really alright if you think I'm extra, basic, or way over the top.
I don't live for you.
I live for me and I'm never going to stop.
So stay in your box and keep on silently judging me like you've been doing from the jump.

I promise you I don't care.

I never needed you.
I'll never be in need of you.

I expect nothing from you.

If I have to walk alone for the rest of my days than that's alright by me.

If anybody in the world's going to have my back it'll be me.

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HLH 10/29/20