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Friday, September 17, 2021


Let it guide you.

Let it 
 inspire you.

Let it motivate you.

Let fuel your desire.

Let it ignite your passion.

Let aide you on your path.

Never let it's spirit leave you.

Never loose sight of it.

Let it's warmth from it's glow reside deep inside you.

Whatever you do make sure to not allow it to consume you.

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HLH © 9/17/21

Thursday, April 22, 2021


Dear media,

  If your going to tell our story story then tell it correctly.

Stop portraying us in a negative light.

Stop recycling our pain in order to increase the algorithm and your monitory gain

Stop only pointing  out  the wrong we do.

Stop reinforcing negative stereotypes by oversaturating your digital platforms with images of us at our worst.

We fatherd civilization.

We were here first.

Stop insulting our intelligence with the false images of us depicticted by you based on how you believe we all live.

We are leaders.

We are inventors.

We are entropenours.

We are captains of industry.

We are lawyers.

We are  doctors.

We are intellectuals.

We are philanthropist.

We are bankers.

We are astute students.

We are artist.

We are journalist.

We are philosophers.

We are scientists.

We are technicians.

We are engineers.

We are trail blazers.

We are pioneers.

We are scoloars.

We are  inventors.

We are proud father's.

We are strong mothers.

We take care of children. 

We  highly value and protect our women.

We take pride in our communites.

We can peacefully cohabitate with one another.

We are kings.

We are Queens.

We are the quintessential force that binds and enhances every experience on this planet. 

We influence all cultures.

Everyone looks up to us.

The world would be a dismal place without us.

Stop putting out these false narratives and the world will change their perception of us and how they treat us.

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Thursday, April 1, 2021


 I don't accept limitations.

I don't accept narcissism.

I don't  accept excues.

I don't accept can't

I don't accept closes doors ceilings.

I don't accept negative vibes and harsh feelings.

I don't accept gossip.

I don't slander.

I don't accept disrespect.

I don't accept being told just any old thing.

I don't accept lies.

I don't accept being put inside of a box.

I don't accept being done before my time.

I don't accept  not having a choice.

I don't accept not having a piece of mind.

I don't accept being unconscious.

I don't accept following the spirually blind.

hallziespoetrycorner: Poetry with a passion.Poetry for all occasions ™️

HLH 4/1/21©️