Thursday, December 12, 2019


Sometimes the tie that binds needs to be severed.

When you give and give and they take and take you have to walk away.

No explanation necessary .

No apology required.

Its been a slow build up.

You know the pattern.

They hurt you then  apologize.

Then they turn around and hurt you again.

That's not love.

That's not being a good friend.

You have two choices you can either  hold on and continue to hope they straighten up or pack it in and chalk it up to enough is enough.

When the well runs dry it's nearly impossible to quench your thirst.

When your walking down the path of companionship remember to always choose you first.

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HLH 12/12/19©


  1. Bro. If I hurt You so bad I deeply Apologize.

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  3. If this is my brother don't take this poem as something about you. I don't premiditate what subject I write about. It's all off the cuff. Its just art bro. If you offended me I would let you know.