Thursday, January 21, 2021

Same old girl.

She's always been like this.

She didn't just change over night.

She's always been quick to judge.

She's always been quick to fight.

She's always been a liar.

She's always been deceitful.

She has always  favored certain people.

She has always been foul.

She was always  crude.

She was always loud.

She was always rude.

She's never been great dispute all unpopular belief.

America. America oh America.

God bless the child that has his own.

It's a new day.

The ball has dropped.

The band band stopped playing.

The ball is over.

She has a new daddy but she's same old girl.

Lets all role up our sleeves and try our best to clean her up because she's filthy and she has never loved us.

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HLH 1/21/21©️

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