Thursday, January 7, 2021

Happy renew year.

Well it's that time again.

The ball has dropped.

A new year has begun.

It's time for a second trip around the sun.

New year New me.

Isn't that the popular phrase that's usually  uttered every year around this time?

We make new plans and promise to resolve the same old problems.

This year I resolve  to loose weight.

This year I resolve to become rich.

This is the year I will make that hit.

This is the year I get that role.

This year I will become a star.

This is the year.

This is year I go viral.

This year I'll start my own business.

This year I will make a difference.

This will be the year I take that trip.

This will be the year

where I try something new.

This year I will find love.

This will be the year I quit.

This year I will change my life.

This will be the year I win.

This will be the year where I'll be the best.

This will be "my" year....

Isn't that the same thing you said last year and the year before that?

If you continue to make new plans with the same old mind then your sure to fall flat.

Make your plans but be honest and true to yourself.

Strive to reach your goals and don't worry about anyone else's stats.

Be calm.


Release and reset.

Now meditate and reflect upon that.

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HLH 12/07/21©️

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