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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Customer won'tserveus

 Exuse me.

 Can I help you find  something?

If you need some help just let me know.

Does that sound familiar?

Do those phrases ring any bells?

It should if your skin isn't pale.

It's a store moto that my people know all too well.

It's called retail racism commonly reffered to as shopping while black.

Every black person in world can relate to that.

Some retail outlets have us  targeted as soon as we set foot inside the store.

Then their shop minions stealthfuly track our every move in every aisle throughout the sales floor.

They slink around spying on us suspiciously.

Their just waiting for the opportunity to dial 911 maliciously.

Then after we notice the game that's being played they'll usually deploy a slick response followed up with some repartee. 

They'll usually say something along the lines of we didn't mean to offend. It's just that we've been encountering  a lot of shoplifters lately.

Then they'll go out of their way to provide the rudest shopping experience they possibly can.

They don't want us in their store.

They don't want our business.

They do not value us or our dollar and that's a fact.

They do this by design because they don't want us to come back.

The complaint process is a joke and the litigation process is hardly worth the effort to pursue. 

Why is it this way?

Why do they not believe we deserve common decency?

How long must we endure until we are properly serviced?

They'll accommodate an animal before they serve us.

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