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Thursday, October 29, 2020


 He went to the same academy you went to.

He received the exact same training you did.

He pledged the same oath you did.

He swore to serve and protect just you you did.

He promised to have  your back and you promised him the same.

You both wear blue but that where it stops.

You believe in justice for "all"  but he does not.

You do it by the book.

He makes his rules

You turn it all in.

He skims his of the top.

When you see a man who is black you just see man.

When he sees a black man he sees a potential suspect.

He wants imditate action.

He views him as a threat.

He won't call for back up and doesn't believe in speaking to them nice.

As far as he's concerned he's saving the taxpayers money by ending a black life because they don't matter.

All he needs is your cosign to seal the deal.

What should you do?

He is a cop but is he like you?

He's not your brother.

He's a disgrace to the badge.

He the opposite of everything you stand for.

He's not like you.

You owe him no alligence.

Your concious tearing you apart.

Don't uphold the brotherhood.

Listen to your heart.

He's slime and not worthy to stand next to you.

If your superiors say he acted justly then ask yourself if that outfit is still for you.

Take a stand.

End Police brutality.

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