Thursday, December 17, 2020


Their is life and death in the tounge.

You'd be surprised at the things words can do.

Words can cut shaper than the sharpest blade.

Words have the power to  heal and conceal more effectively than any tourniquet or bandaid.
Saying the right words out loud to the right person can propel them to the highest height.

Saying the wrong words to a person can ruin their entire day and may even aid in ending their life.

Their is life and death in the tounge so speak wisely when you speak them aloud.

Speak words that can inspire the most dismal of crowds.

Speak with passion.

Speak eloquently.

Speak passionately.

Speak with purpose.

Speak to inspire.

Speak to motivate.

Speak positivity.

Speak with kindness.

Speak light.

Speak love.

Speak change.

If you ever feel at an absolute loss on what to say then don't speak at all.

Let your silence be your response.

For after a word leaves your mouth  you can't undo it or take it back.

Take a moment to think about the last thing you said.

Can you live with that?

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